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Ted Cruz is a Big Government Conservative who believes in Federal, not state solutions.

Ted Cruz:

A better immigration system is both possible and simple. First, we enforce the law – securing the borders will stop the inflow. Second, put in place a strong E-Verify program. The lack of jobs will dry up the magnet for being here and illegal immigrants will leave.


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Gun Owners of America Join Ron Paul and....

Endorse Ted Cruz for US Senate.



Ted Cruz was in Conroe last night, and I asked him who he was going to endorse for president.
He said he would endorse the nominee. I then asked him what the difference is between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, and he said that there was a big difference. So we all know where he stands. Sure he's better than Dewhurst, but vote Addison for Senate.

Federal Govt isn't the

Federal Govt isn't the answer, The true beliefs of the Republican party is giving States more power than the Federal Govt.

I still believe this is the best way to limit Govt.

Dr. Ron Paul endorsed him so

Dr. Ron Paul endorsed him so do you think he is not a man of his word? please vote down...

Dewhurst would be a tragedy

Addison is polling at 2% in the Primary. Cruz is within 9 points of Dewhurst, with a runoff likely.


Cruz is great on the 10th amendment, despite what yall are trying to say. Not sure if you're texans either.



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And I've pledged NEVER AGAIN to vote for the LESSER OF TWO EVILS! So, regardless, I'm voting for the Candidate who is KNOWN to be an honest, upstanding Man and a Constitutionalist.

Glenn Addison! (And if I had to make a second choice, would be for Pittenger! NOT FOR CRUZ OR DEWHURST... Neither of them will do!)

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That's fine and dandy

I'll vote Cruz, but he isn't evil. He'll be a good fiscal conservative and will stand for US Sovereignty.

Cruz has spoken out in support of the Fed Audit, is opposed to the NDAA and the TSA. We will not get that with Dewhurst.

There seems there will be a run-off and it won't be for Addisson. If you really want Addison, maybe he can run for a state rep or a congressman. We need liberty candidates, but this is not his time.

Vote your conscience in the primary, but I would like your support for Cruz in a run-off.

The man that killed the TSA legislation has no business in the US Senate.



I've heard too many questionable references about the CIA and/or Elites having very subtle, yet very deep connections to Cruz and Dewhurst. It seems they don't have lots of evidence for 'skeletons in the closet' outright, but there are lots of 'bones' laying around.

Where does Ted stand

on the Wars and "War on Terra" and aid to Israel?
These are the important matters at the national level.
I'd like to be assured that Ted isn't going to help vote us into WW3.

All I have been able to dig up is that Ted is a "fierce advocate for recruiting and increasing the military", which raises my eyebrows about what he would like to do with his huge military he wants to drive us broke(r) with.

Have you any statements from Ted about being anti-interventionist and against the War on Terra?
I'd be very interested to see where he stands on that.

He doesn't say much on foreign policy...I did find this:

from National Review:

"On foreign policy, Cruz is less than sanguine about nation building: “I don’t think we should be engaged in long-term nation building. I think there are too many nations on earth to build up, and it’s not our military’s job.” When asked about Afghanistan and Iraq, Cruz is cautious. After a few munches on his sandwich, he says, “What I don’t think is acceptable is for us just to stay there in perpetuity and try to rebuild each nation into a perfect utopia. That’s not our job and not our role. I think we have an important role stopping and killing terrorists.”


So he isn't explicitly a non-interventionist...but he's a very astute constitutionalist. The Medellin case he won in the Supreme Court sold me on his stance on our sovereignty. He may push for more military..but he's a fiscal hawk enough to get it under control, or to fight for it with Rand and DeMint.


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If you research his wife's career

Heidi Suzanne Cruz... you 'might' just end up thinking he 'might' be an astute Globalist...

Susie 4 Liberty

You mean this? "Heidi Suzanne

You mean this?

"Heidi Suzanne Cruz is a Vice President in the Investment Management Division at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in Texas, where she and her two partners manage approximately $2.8bn in assets. She previously worked as an investment banker with JPMorgan in New York, focusing on Latin America mergers and acquisitions. In the public sector, Heidi served in the White House as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, under then-National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice; as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department; and as Special Policy Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, then-U.S. Trade Representative."

From - http://www.cmc.edu/berger/pdf/financepanelists.pdf

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From the Ted Cruz website...

"10) Rein in the Fed and Ensure Sound Money. Congress should pass Rep. Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve—so that it is subject to basic principles of accountability and transparency. We then should restrain the Fed’s “quantitative easing”—a fancy term for printing money—so that our currency isn’t further debased. Since 2008, gold has skyrocketed and the value of the dollar has plummeted creating a cruel tax on every consumer, saver, and investor. For long-term growth, we need sound money and a strong dollar."

My guess is that's the reason for the endorsement. A full and complete audit will open a whole lot of eyes and win us a whole lot of new allies.

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I question

whether Ted Cruz will actually live up to that statement to AUDIT the Fed, and I'm essentially convinced that he'll NEVER vote to END the Fed.

Because his wife is a VP for Goldman Sachs, and she worked on a gloablist "North American Community" project for the CFR, worked in the Bush administration under Condoleeza Rice in the National Security Council, and before that she was with JP Morgan.
A husband does not vote to put his very connected wife out of business by ending the Fed. I suspect that SHE is the string-puller and he is the puppet in this arrangement.

If you go to Ted's "On the Issues" page, it states there that he is:
"Fierce advocate of recruiting and growing the military. (Jul 2011)"
You can guess why he wants more military, but he cleverly shows no position on the war or war on terror or foreign policy. What do you think he "fiercely" wants that bigger military for?


this is the kind of thing we get when we make a deal with Dick Armey's Neocon Express, ...er, I mean Tea Party Express.

Dick Armey has nothing to do

Dick Armey has nothing to do with the Tea Party Express.

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For some reason, I was thinking FreedomWorks

had 'something' to do with the Tea Party Express Rally... ?

Susie 4 Liberty

My mistake.

I got it mixed up with Freedomworks.

Even so, Cruz is Armey's little darling project

research it.

everyone here probably knows how much I respect the Doc,

but when it comes to the Doc's Texas endorsements, kindly IGNORE them!


Hey, gotta have some place I disagree with him on.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Voted yesterday

For Glenn Addison not Ted Cruz after listening to the Tom Woods Interview with Rand. I had received a sample ballot in the mail from the establishment with all the candidates they recommend and used it as a guide to not vote for any of them.

Do your best have no expectations

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Glenn Addison - Known to be a good man and a Constitutionalist

And he's pledged to serve one term - as a Citizen "Representative" and come HOME! AND he has MY vote!

And the "Establishment" has most certainly provided a good 'guide' for me, too! As in, if they've chosen them, "NO!"

Susie 4 Liberty


PRECISELY why we are who we are: independent to the core, even at times, despite what our Gray Champion 'wants.' LoL

From the looks of it, by his Cruz endorsement, I'm assuming the Doc's "TX policy" is still in effect, even though Dr. Paul is not running for his House seat simultaneously, this cycle.

Next up, gotta get that CISPA/PiPA/SOPA loving Lamar Smith, who I'm sure couldn't even email without his lobbyist supplied CONgressional aide's help, out of the way! Time for that tyrannical muthafracker to go!

Hurray for Sheriff Mack!

While it still does not diminish my support and the love for the Doc even a nano-iota, but with or without the Doc's endorsement, Mack certainly has the endorsement from the R3VOL grassroots!

Mack MUST WIN! And we MUST support him.

PS. Cruz is endorsing e-Verify? Dr. Paul voted AGAINST it! Rightfully so, as it is 90% de facto National ID! You can only verify if someone's 'illegal' if you rule out who IS legal.

WhyTF is it that even the dumbest of the dumb RINOs 'get' the same logic/argument when it comes to NOT wanting to register their guns, but they're so eager to want to register when it comes to their own damn selves?

And, the govt's digital database is NEVER deleted, unless it's an evidence of their own criminal terrorism! lol

Besides, e-Verify is essentially the way that Fed Govt now dictates to employers whom they can hire or not. Anyone else here thinks that eVerify WON'T be linked to the IRS database? Any IRS dispute?? They'll probably garnish your wages before lawful court judgments. Just one more tyrannical tool for Fed. Gvt to impose serfdom upon the citizenry.

This kind of rabid moronic lunacy from all the closet xenophobes who love tyrannical tools to NOT-address root causes while merely throwing red meat to their even more delusional constituency who can care less about any real immigration reform, simply drives me up the wall!

As IF it's not the likes of Walmart and BigAgra who are pushing for amnesty so that they can have cheap labor/illegals/'2nd class citizenry' picking fruits and vegetables. WhyTF should a biz. entrepreneur be punished for hiring people which the GOVT FAILED to prevent their entry of? So we're to pay for THEIR mistakes, by filling up vacancies at their private prisons? Hell NO!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul