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Operation Delegate Conversion

As I've been reading around at all the different strategies and tactics used to win state conventions, and gather as many delegates as possible it became apparent to me that we are missing up on an obvious opportunity. Mitt Romney delegates that have won in the county, and went onto state, and then won at the state conventions to become national delegates are prime picking to be converted. Most of them are probably soft supporters in the sense that they are just going along with the "presumptuous rominee" A very good tactic to use is to go after these national delegates. The state GOP should have lists of them on websites, lists of the names that won and are going to national in Tampa. We should be spending as much time as possible in targeting, and attempting to convert those delegates that are already slated for Romney. I was reading about this idea from a Ron Paul supporter and the good news is that he was able to convert 3 of them to vote for Ron Paul. There is simply a lack of understanding amongst the herd and it is entirely our responsibility to educate them. Find them, talk to them nicely, become friends with them, and educate them in the hops of a conversion. If it has happened 3x at least from what I had read about with one person it surely can happen all over the country with many of them.....so get out of the house, research, find those delegates in your party that are slated for Romney, become friends with them, and convert them! We must never surrender, we must continue to fight no matter the odds, and we must accomplish the biggest political upset in national history. The nation in the end will thank us for saving them from themselves! Ron Paul 2012, an idea who's time has come!

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These delegates need to understand that Romney is in it to lose! Just like McCain in 2008. Does anybody remember? Remember how he constantly defended Obama? Romney has started doing the same thing. Mitt Romney is in this campaign for the sole purpose of making sure Obama gets another four years. If those delegates understood that, they would vote Paul. All you gotta do is point them to McCain in 08!

Chibib weh


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Offer a moderate VP?


Should we be prepared to present a ticket to the delegates to help calm their foreign policy fears, etc.?

Someone like Fortuño?

This will keep the Romney delegates included, and make it more likely for them to convert.

Jack Wagner

Worth a try I guess, but this

Worth a try I guess, but this was tried in 08 and it was more or less a complete failure.

This is good, but we also need "Operation Restoration"

to restore the delegates that were stolen from us.


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YES! Spread the r3VOLution...emphasis on LOVE

People like to be like people they like, who are like them.

Start with common ground, a sincere love of country, and all-around niceness and you'd be amazed what can happen.

Imagine how these delegates will feel when they realize they've been conned into being afraid of Ron Paul and his supporters.

Go at them with the Reagan = Paul angle.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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That first sentence

is amazing, I had to read it 3 times to get it right. Makes sense too.


What about...

Operation Mystery-Flat-Tires For All Romney Delegates Coincidentally on the Same Day They Were All Due To Leave For Tampa

(in jest, for all those who didn't have Humor-101 in college)

Private Jet Flat Tires

Flat tires on all those Private Jets would not be a good thing at all.

Probably mean old Obama Lovers would do that.

I guess they could go in some of those extra Cadillacs that Mitt was talking about.

2shay dude,

I done clear forgot about the extra Cadillacs!

I'm not knocking it because it's worth a try

but Operation "Drag Your Friends Out to Be Delegates" might be something worthwhile too.

If we outnumber them, better chance that we'll get the state. Of course the State GOP can just ignore us and screw us over.

Anybody have a fix for that? Something that's better than what I'm thinking? (I'm not gonna post what I'm thinking needs to be done to aholes that are blatantly stealing our wins.. Use your imagination)

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Predictions in due Time...

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Gingrich's delegates could be prime targets, just have to educate them about how destructive and counterproductive our foreign policy is. Gingrich said things about auditing the fed and getting rid of Bernanke I believe so we have that on our side.

Delegates are People

I think this is a fantastic idea. Delegates are people, not just "votes". Get out a phone book and call them up. Tell them you are concerned about the country and explain why you think Ron Paul is the best choice.

Here is the list from Tennessee:

I Keep Saying

This is why you have to be nice: the delegates can be converted.

Many of them are local politicians and they want their own local army of support, and they'd probably gladly change their vote to get this one behind them the next time they run.

Also, in any of the states where we have a majority of delegates, the minority delegates are ripe to win over. After all, the delegates are there to represent their state at national, and being neighbors at home can be more important than this one race.

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I don't know if this is true or not,

but I read somewhere after a person becomes a national delegate nobody is allowed to contact them...or something like that. I will try to find it and post...if it exists.

State by State

Those are state party rules - if they exist anywhere -- and not binding on non-party-members, I assume.

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Yes, You can contact them

you just can't forcibly coerce them. LOL!


well there you go, don't forcible coerce them, make them see the light on their own once they see a few choice youtubes and get educated. There are some great ones....We can actually just go entirely negative against Romney with his own delegates. So, nobody, including the GOP can claim you are advancing Paul, you are just showing them how horrid Romney actually it. Friends don't let Friends vote for Romney.

Many national delegates represent the precinct delegates.

How do the precinct delegates support their national delegates. With knowledge and encouragement. What are friends for?

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