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I need advice about a book title

I'm giving serious thought to writing a book about some of the founders coming back to our time and having the same fight as Ron Paul is having right now.

What I'm struggling with is a title.

I was thinking: The Constitution Reborn
The Constitution Revisited
or The Founding Fathers in Our Time

I just wanted to get some opinions.

If there are any other suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.



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If you're not creative enough

to come up with your own title, how can you be creative enough to come up with a good book?

I don't mean to offend, but it's true.

Founding Fathers was not a monopoly

If you give the subject the care it deserves you would recreate the battle at that time between the Nationalists and the Anti-Federalists.

The Nationalists were hiding their Nationalism behind a thin veil of Federalism and when the opponents of Nationalism called those frauds out the Major Media of the time was used to discredit those who called those frauds out by attaching the false label of Anti-Federalist to those people who were actually (for the most part) fighting to support Federalism.

So the concept of a single, monopoly, known as The Founding Fathers is a very destructive lie.

Some sources for this understanding include:

The Other Founders

I can offer other links on the subject, and as far as the title of the book is concerned how about:

Despot Zombies Return

The main antagonist could be Alexander Hamilton returning to take over control of the World Bank, and Patrick Henry is then reanimated to fight for Liberty once again.


How about

"Founding Fathers Die of Broken Hearts".

interesting point Jill

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