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Parallels with Star Wars.

I'm watching Star Wars Episode 3, and i can't help but notice the parallels with what we're facing today.

1. There exist the few who stands on principle (Jedi).
2. There exists a Republic that is threatened by power-hungry politicians (Sith Lord).
3. The Republic ends due to a lie (i.e. "So this is how Liberty dies, with thunderous applause.").
4. Then in Episode 4 there is "A New Hope" (Rand Paul perhaps?).

I'm impressed not because the Star Wars story is an allegory of politics, but because it is a blatant foretelling of literal politics. Isn't this how Republic governments fall - by consolidation of power thru some lie and with thunderous applause?!

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As bad and as flawed as the new films are the original premis of the sith bringing down the republic through politics was a clever idea, poorly implemented (if you've ever watched the Red Letter Star Wars reviews, you'll understand why before you jump to downvote).

Most people didn't "get" that's what the films were based around.

Secrect army being commissioned by a politician using republic funds. Then finding an excuse to utilize that new army. Then taking over the republic. All done through politics (which might seem boring to most as that's not very exciting for action, but that's how it happens in the real world).

Clever film just poorly implemented. A lot of people dissed the films for poor acting and story - but that other aspect of it I've always recognized.

You've got the life filter

You've got the life filter too!? As I've tumbled down this rabbit hole, I've found the only way to steady myself is to grasp for parallels such as the one above. It gives me hope. This is why I tend to watch most movies at least twice.

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

Astute observation

and intelligently presented.