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New California E-Mail and Flyer - If This Doesn't Help, Nothing Will

With the help of my business partner and of SovereignJanice who made it look beautiful, I have created a California voter-friendly flyer that:

1. is useful to all California voters
2. helps clarify just which candidates on the ballot have dropped out, and which have not
3. explains how the delegate process works
4. explains how the passage of Proposition 14 affects voting
--- No "express advocacy" --- note: this flyer is useful information, and does not say who to vote for ---
5. is not "campaign material" and so not subject to any FEC reporting; meaning, if you want to get together to distribute this as an insert in the Pennysaver, or a local newspaper, you can. BTW, it costs less than $400 to send to 10,000 residences (including printing and delivery as an insert in the Pennysaver). Check your local area. 800 995 3333
6. can be e-mailed to anyone you know in California.
7. should not be threatening to people who don't like "politics"

I am hosting it on one of my websites; please feel free to explore it.

Find the page here: http://www.consequeries.com/California-voter-guide.php and look for the pdf and gif files.

The deadline to register to vote or change party is Monday/tomorrow May 21st. Voting is June 5. Pennysaver has a two week lead time, so if you want to mail it through them, call Monday. Let us know which Zip Codes you mail.

California voters need to know who is on the ballot, and who has dropped out!

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Please point out any errors.

Feel free to pay for inserts into newspapers or flyer door to door.

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