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Something I Just Figured Out About Facebook... They Hate It When You Friend People You Don't Know.

Something I Just Figured Out About Facebook... They Hate It When You Friend People You Don't Know.

You see this messes up their plans to track, detail and monitor your actual relationships data and pollutes their valuable pool of information (aka, database) making their data stink and bulge with crap that you don't even care about.

I suggest that Ron Paulers friend as many other Ron Paulers and other people as they possibly can.

Friend friends of your friends and even friends' friends that you don't even know but maybe interact with superficially through other friends' profiles... say something nice about one of their comments and then BAM friend that person right away so they know roughly who you are and accept.

I think we should do this a couple of times a day until we are friends with all other Ron Paul friends all over the world.


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It is probably best to make a

It is probably best to make a New face book page about something a lot of non ron paul supporters like so get people hooked than after a fee days keep posting random Ron Paul posts. Or post the Ron Paul rally photos.


Just launched a social networking site & there is a Ron Paul R3volution page there. A good place to plug any relevant vids or posts from Daily Paul, also...

I have to admit that this is

I have to admit that this is ridiculous. "Sir," why don't you and all your Ron Pauler facebook friends just go and spend your time and money somewhere else.


Or you could go to the Ron Paul Social Network

Where everyone's already Ron Paul people. Also, Facebook is the devil. But it's also important to be in contact with those who aren't yet awake, so you can hopefully help that process along.

"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible."

Facebook is the devil

Facebook is the devil

Friends in California

Please share this flyer with your friends in California.

There are small .gif files of it at this site:

Share with friends in California!

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I have a lot of PPl who friend me..

They click on my name when i leave a comment.. I will be your friend just put RON PAUL!!!


friend on FB

jessica, you got it...I'll do it as soon as I get home. You got a friend in OKC! Go Ron Paul!!!




It will make it harder to sell us shampoo.

But it will also make it easier to herd us into FEMA camps. ;-)

Seriously, the more people you pack into a room, the higher the noise level. This trend of pushing things toward increasingly immediate but truncated communication (Twitter, texting, chat messaging, etc.) is great for "ideas" that can only be expressed in sound bites, its not so great for true communication.

The Virtual Conspiracy


I.t makes more sense to "friend" random others than to connect all Ron Paulers

Anybody want to be friends?

It will confuse "them". It's alway us vs them.


I have always wanted to be friends.


Facebook had a really bad

Facebook had a really bad spamming/phishing problem when they first started to get popular. That was one of the ways they tried to fix the problem. And for the most part it works well. Most people don't add new friends who don't at least have 1 mutual friend. Do that too many times it raises a red flag that you might be a robot scammer and not a real person.

It's just spam control.

It is more than spam control. This is an Animal Farm.

They have a business that is built upon data, clean pure data.

A business that depends on funding from advertisers and intelligence service revenues.

I say make them work for it. Don't make it easy for them.


He's right

Study graph databases to better understand how and why this messes things up. Not completely, but it changes what kind of data they get.

might try

avoid facebook for that reason.

How would FB know who I know

How would FB know who I know and who I don't know? If they don't know who I really know how can they hate it when I friend someone I don't know?

its a science

Human behavior has regularities. You have regularities. They assume that there is a certain number of interactions you have with a person and they rank your friend levels. Network structure is a big research area in science. A good place to start studying it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_network

Because they won't know the difference between good/bad data.

And they will have to store and sift through it all.

Ad revenue and CIA contracts DEPEND good clean data.

Thus you are totally screwing with their bottom line.

This is why they send you threatening notices when you friend someone you don't know and someone complains. But they don't want to chase you away either.. so just keep friending everyone in the world after you leave a nice comment on their posts.


.....and then they connect the facebook database to the pentagon

drone program.

//kill all Ron Paul Supporters


Great, I am sick of those damn clay pigeons.

This will be even better than a bear hunt now that I have this license...

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reminds me of a 'demotivational poster'

i saw the other day referencing the facebook stock going public. It read " Why did facebook go public? Because not even THEY can figure out the %#!*ing privacy settings."

Their Pulbic Offering went flat

You wonder why.

George Orwell's INGSOC didn't count on FaceBook

Everytime at home I call someone new.. when I hang up the phone it rings back. Woo! The "Threat Fusion Center" is scared of me or what?