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☛ Step By Step Guide On How To Become A Delegate In TEXAS! There Still May Be Vacancies To Become A Delegate. Find Out Here

There may still be vacancies for you to become a delegate for the Texas Republican Convention on June and you MAY be allowed to fill them. I've been helping people in my home state of Illinois: http://www.dailypaul.com/234993/attention-illinois-residents... and would like to do the same in other states, especially those that I heard the campaign hasn't done much in. Here's a simple to-do list on how you can become a delegate or alternate delegate if there are slots still available to do so.

The first step is to call your county chairman, but most people stop there because they don't know where to get that information or what to ask, so we'll start there:

1) Find the phone number of your county chairman by going here: http://www.texasgop.org/county-chairmen Scroll down and find your county. The number listed under your county is the one you need to call.

2) When you call you'll want to ask the person on the other line if you could speak to someone regarding a question you have concerning the state convention in June. The person may need to transfer you to some one else, but when you get to someone who can help you, say "I live in the xxxx county and was wondering if there are any vacancies available to become a delegate or alternate delegate for the convention in June." They will either answer with yes, no, or only alternates.

3) If they say yes or only alternates, ask what the person needs from you in order to do to become one.

4) Then do the obvious, give them what they need and ask ALL questions you want answered. Here are a few suggested questions to ask

4a) Ask: What do I need to bring with me to the convention to show that I am a delegate?

4b) Ask: What's the best way to contact you if I think of any questions or have an issue in the future.

4c) Ask: What is the address of the convention and what the exact date & time should I get there? (the Texas gop website lists the 2012 RPT State Convention as having been scheduled for June 7-9 in Fort Worth, TX at the Fort Worth Convention Center, but ask to make sure that's correct)

4d) Ask: Is there a fee, what is the fee and how can I pay?

That's it. If you are still able to become a delegate that's how you do it. They'll have the information you need and those are the questions you should ask. Honestly, it's really not any more complicated than that.

Please post any questions and/or success stories if you are able to become a delegate in the comment section below.
Indiana guide to become a delegate: http://www.dailypaul.com/235087/attention-indiana-residents-...
Illinois guide to become a delegate: http://www.dailypaul.com/234993/attention-illinois-residents...
Arkansas guide to become a delegate: http://www.dailypaul.com/235171/step-by-step-guide-on-how-to...
New Mexico guide to become a delegate:

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This person is not from Texas and is grossly misinformed about the rules in Texas. Your county party has no ability to add you to the delegate rolls even if there are vacancies and they could get in trouble if they tried to do so. This rule is to protect us as much as anything. It means they can't stuff the list with anti-paul people either.

The only way to change the delegate list coming out of your county convention is to go before the credentials committee at the state convention, and it will NOT just add people to the list to fill vacant spots. It only considers cases where someone should have been a delegate and was incorrectly removed or other situations where a county party made a mistake.

Not submitting a full slate of delegates is not considered a mistake and is permissible under party rules. Delegations vote their full strength on most important issues regardless of the number of delegates actually attending.


Dave Nalle
Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus

Are you sure?


Rule 38 section 11 says this:

b. Filling Vacancy: Should a vacancy occur in the at-large delegation after the date of the State Convention but prior to the convening of the National Convention, the Chairman of the National Nomination Committee of the State Convention shall fill such vacancy by appointing, in writing, any at-large alternate to fill any at-large delegate position. To fill the vacancy of an at-large alternate, the said Chairman may select any person eligible under this Rule to hold said position. In the case of a vacancy in a district delegate position, the paired alternate shall be designated a delegate, and the Chairman of the National Nomination Committee of the State Convention shall appoint a new alternate, with the condition that the person so appointed shall reside in the same Congressional District at the time of appointment as the Congressional District in which the vacancy occurred. In the case of a vacancy in a district alternate position, the Chairman of the National Nomination Committee of the State Convention shall appoint a new alternate, with the condition that the person so appointed shall reside in the same Congressional District at the time of appointment as the Congressional District in which the vacancy occurred. All appointments shall be made from those nominated at the convention, if possible. If no potential nominee exists, then the Chairman of the National Nomination Committee of the State Convention shall appoint as a new alternate anyone eligible under this Rule to hold said position, provided that said nominee(s) agree to adhere to pledge to the candidate required under section 10 hereof.

And Section 12:
Section 12. Delegate and Alternate Qualifications
Each nominee for delegate and alternate must have either voted in the Republican Presidential Primary or affiliated with the Republican Party by oath pursuant to Rule 25, and must be otherwise qualified to be a delegate or alternate under The Rules of the Republican Party.

Which is why I say in this

Which is why I say in this thread that the answer they may get is no. Every state is different and I would rather have people call and ask than to sit back and do nothing because they don't know what (if anything) to do.

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Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

How could this be legal?

The delegates are supposed to be duly elected by the voting done at the county/senate district level a few weeks ago. If it is possible for the GOP to just slip more delegates in at will at a later date, I see a pontential for abuse in the system.

Anyone here familiar with the rules regarding this?

it's only to fill empty slots

it's only to fill empty slots and I can't say for certain that Texas has adopted that policy. I only put it out there because I think it is safer to call and find out than to just assume nothing can be done.

"Empty spots?"

So those in control of the GOP can decide who the representatives of the voters are? If the nominations committee can not fill those empty slots before the legitimate precinct delegates have voted, why should they be allowed to add extras afterwards?

Imagine this: a sinister GOP Nominations Commitee wants certain persons to go as delegates who are unpopular among the precinct delegates. Knowing these persons will not get elected during the convention, they withhold the names and present a partial slate. After the convention they simply insert the names of the unpopular persons and "presto!" these people are delegates.

What's wrong with that picture?

GOP Convention

I was selected as an delegate/alternate for the GOP Convention in Ft. Worth. My question is do I have to attend the entire convention or is there a specific day on which I can attend? The reason that I ask is that I live in Dallas and have to work, so I would like to take as little time off work as possible.



They have spaced out the important votes so that they are spread throughout the convention, but mostly in the morning. If you want to attend just to vote for Ron Paul delegates to national then there's not really any reason for you to go. The important thing as the convention, and most of the business there, has to do with electing party officers and voting on the platform. Changing the party is the key thing here and that requires you to be there for a number of different votes.


Dave Nalle
Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus

It probably depends on why you want to attend.

If you are there to simply elect national delegates, then maybe. If you plan to vote on other topics, or influence the platform, or learn the process, it will take more time. A good thing to think about is what role we forsee for ourselves if Ron Paul DOES get nominated and how the restoration of our country will begin if we leave the political system in the hands of the same people who got us where we are now.

It may truly not be your calling. But some of us just need encouragement maybe.

Thank you for the

Thank you for the information, the reason I ask is because I am a manager of a retail store and I've already used my vacation days. As much as I would love to be involved in the entire process, I am unsure if my obligations at work will allow me the time off.

As of 4/21, I believe there

As of 4/21, I believe there were still 10 alternate spots available for CD35/SD25 in Comal county!

If anyone needs help in Comal

If anyone needs help in Comal County, just leave a comment and I'll do what I can


for the quality info

thank you



I live in California, is there a guide for me?

Not as of yet, but I'm

Not as of yet, but I'm working on one... if you know what county you live it, reply with it and I'll see what I can do

actually I don't know if

actually I don't know if there's much I can do since California selects it's delegates by slate.



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Bump for liberty!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

thanks for the bump

thanks for the bump


I attended the Galveton county caucus and all the spots were not filled and much to my dissapointment it was business as usual. Most of the people attending appeared to be the same old GOP criminals and their family vultures. I just hope everyone was just low profile and there was alot more RP delegates that what it appeared.
No matter the odds the fight is just and right. The one thing I do know for sure no one makes it out of this life alive. So when you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by all means try. If I can help make it a better place that I leave behind my life will have been spent well.


Step #1: Acquire Harry

Step #1: Acquire Harry Potter's magic wand...


Bump thanks for putting this post together.



Yes 30+ Empty alternate slots in Johnson County TEXAS

I attended the Johnson County convention, April 21, 2012. All of the attendees were elected either delegate or alternate because there were not enough people to fill the entire slate.

So get in there, there were approx 60+ Delegates (filled) and only 30 Alternates. So that leave about 30 open spots for Alternates.

Good thing about Johnson County is they say even if you are just an Alternate, they promise you will get seated as a Delegate for at least one vote. They want everyone to be feel involved.

Since TExas primary doesnt happen until May 29, we had to swear (affirm) we hadnt supported any non-republican candidate this election cycle to be eligible to be a Delegate/Alternate. Since I attended the precinct convention, this was done as a group, voice affirmation. So you might have to affirm over the phone, email, or send in paperwork, I dont know. But get in there, we need 30 more alternates.

A lady I talked to, told me about half of the delegates usually dont show up at the State Convention, so that could mean that all 30 open alternates could get seated.

We need you here, there are only about 8 Ron Paulers and all but 2 incognito for the time being. So dont mention him, yet. Our chairman opened the meeting with the statement "I know we are not happy with our presumptive nominee (meaning Mitt) but we have to beat Obama". So all we have to do is convince them. Be nice, there are a lot of country folk! I think our County Chairman, Henry likes horses because there is a photo of him in cowboy hat riding a horse on the county website. http://jcrp.org/

If you get an alternate slot, post here on dailypaul (not your name, just if you succeeded becoming an alternate and how many slots are left) so people can tell at a glance how many slots are still open.


Delegates, Delegates, Delegates

Nothing else matters!



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