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Help out a liberty candidate that has Pauls full support!*video*

Alright everybody so I'm a state delegate from MN and we have done our part for the liberty cause. We just got Paul 12 out of 13 delegates from or state convention and we got him 20 out of 24 delegates at our CD conventions.

We also endorsed Kurt Bills for the US Senate. This is a man who will work with Rand in the senate to accomplish everything we want. Plz watch this endorsement by Dr. Ron Paul at a fundraiser for Kurt Bills Friday night. I would also ask that if you like what you hear you need to donate to this guy to help him defeat the horrible Amy klobachur. She has her pocket lined with special interest money. So we need to fill Kurt Bills war chest up. I just want to add that I paid $250.00 to attend this event so I would encourage people to match me!

Kurt will help all Americans!! But he needs your help!! This is a perfect opportunity for all of those people who don't have liberty candidates to get one in office!!



Here is what Ron Paul had to say

Just moments ago, at the Minnesota State Convention, one of “our own” - Kurt Bills - won the support of the Minnesota Republican Party in his bid for the U.S. Senate!

That’s truly great news.

But it means our work is just beginning!

So won’t you please act right now to make sure Kurt’s campaign hits the ground running by making a generous contribution to his campaign?

I hope you will.

With your help, I believe Kurt can take on and DEFEAT incumbent Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar.

And I believe his win at the Minnesota GOP convention proves our R3VOLUTION is just getting started!

You see, Kurt is truly one of our own.

In fact, as a high school economics teacher, Kurt actually used my book, End the Fed, in the classroom!

As the Republican nominee, Kurt can take on Amy Klobuchar in ways no one else can because Kurt:

*** Opposes the unconstitutional Patriot Act and the dreaded SOPA legislation, which threatens to virtually shut down the internet;

*** Supports a common-sense foreign policy that puts America’s security first – instead of wasting American lives and tax dollars on utopian nation-building schemes or policing the world;

*** Will fight to audit and finally END the out-of-control Federal Reserve, which is destroying the purchasing power of our dollar and the middle class;

*** Supports constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.

So please make the most generous contribution you can afford to Kurt’s campaign immediately.

Kurt’s race will not be an easy one.

His liberal Democrat opponent is part of the Big Government, big spending status quo in Washington.

That means she’s going to have George Soros and the Big Labor bosses dumping millions of dollars into her campaign coffers to try to keep their gravy train rolling in Washington.

You and I must help stop them by making sure Kurt has the funds to fight back.

So please, dig deep and help another patriot by donating to Kurt’s campaign right away.

If elected to the U.S. Senate, Kurt will join my son Rand in leading the fight for individual liberty, free markets, sound money, and constitutional government in Washington.

So please keep our liberty movement going full speed ahead by helping Kurt Bills make it to Washington.

For Liberty, Ron Paul

P.S. My good friend, and champion of individual liberty – Kurt Bills – just won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Minnesota!

This proves what you and I have known all along – the R3VOLUTION is alive and well.

But Kurt needs your help if he’s going to win in November and join my son Rand in fighting to restore constitutional government in Washington.

So please, dig deep and help another patriot by donating to Kurt’s campaign Right away

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