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Ronpaulvotecount.Org Credit Due & Update - Local Breakdown - Future Goals

First order of business: Credit due - don't be bashful - if you have a liberty oriented business or radio show or whatever it is that you need help promoting and you have spread the word about the election fraud system we're trying to put together at RPVC - Please let me know on this thread as the first blast to 722 members is going to be updated - FYI if you're reading this and haven't updated your STATE/COUNTY info please do so before the email goes out! Let's give everyone a good idea of where the support is alright?

I think the term "activism" really got a bad rap. While some may think it can somehow be mistaken for "violence" I think it's more just a description of getting off the couch.

I sit in an office chair most of the time, does that count? What we've seen so far is that 722 Ron Paul supporters signed up in the last few weeks and at least attempted to record their voting location and at least 1/3rd succeeded. None of that was their fault.

Some may remember Dr. K was on a thread a month ago hollering about more voter fraud and needing a way to get affidavits online. I said basically I would work for peanuts if it meant I will be working for Liberty. Well a week later I get an email in my box and he takes me up on it.

I'd like to thank the guys at North American Herbs and Spices for their support. Have you heard of them? Do they advertise a lot? Well they haven't even asked for an add on the site yet that's who's paying for you to be able to put these vote riggers in check by funding a way to organize a MOUNTAIN of election fraud that really does need to be managed. It's a dirty job... but somebody's going to have to clean up this mess.

Thanks for letting us help America clean up the mess.

Future Goals: Please keep in mind that while it would be great to see Ron in the White House, the Sheriff is more powerful than the president and there are 3,000 of them in this country!

Many local offices in your back yard need tending to. Local officials have been hiding in the shadows for far too long. With national conversion to local efforts we're setting up RonPaulVoteCount.Org so you can meet with others locally to get more involved in securing your Liberty in your own back-yard.

County projects is the new "buzzword" in the Liberty community. That's really what it all boils down to. Once you've restored the integrity of the public offices in your county, you would be theoretically at least, living in a kingdom! That's the kind of freedom we are missing here in America. It's my mission to someday leave that kind of freedom to my children.