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This is really funny

You must see this image, just too funny.

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Very funny and true

I completely agree with this statement. This is simply because Obama doesn't understand the economy, which is the basis of our country. I wouldn't say that I hate Obama, I just don't agree with him politically. Also, I think that Ron Paul would be a much better president than him. Ron Paul focuses on things that our country needs, like lower taxes and a more stable economy. Go Ron Paul!

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Follow me on twitter @iChrisBaker

I sure

Would like the moderator who blasted me to explain why this post is allowed and mine wasn't allowed. I gave this post a thumbs up by the way! Does it have to do with the fact that I am poor and couldn't donate much to the site? Please explain if you even have the balls to come forward mod.

What was your post?

It couldn't be because of donations, because I don't think I have had a chance to donate myself yet, unless we are counting the dime cards.



a joke about if your a Ron Paul supporter turn on your light during the day but if support Mit Or obm turn off your lights at night.

Maybe because it promoted the idea of those folks

endangering multiple lives. I don't know the guidelines. It's just a guess. Methinks you're being a bit touchy about the donations. Lots of folks turn to Paul because the economy has hit them hard.

There are no Romney stickers...

...Because there are no Romney supporters...


There are box loads of Romney stickers gathering dust in a large warehouse somewhere since 2007. The Romney campaign have wised up though and are buying Get a FREE Romney Bumper Sticker advertisements to get the word out. But apparently the Romney team are still shooting blanks as evidenced by the Romney ads on the Daily Paul.

I'm going to try and top that (try anyway)

A few days ago I was driving on I-77 North just above Statesville, NC and a white Jeep pulled up beside me and gave me a "thumbs up" (my van has large & small Ron Paul stuff on all sides). I waved back and as he continued passing me I saw there was a woman in a Caddy waving her fisr and "barking" at him! Once I could see his bumper...I saw a picture of O'Bomb'a and it said something like "does this make my @$$ look big" (I'm not sure exactly what it said)...as they pulled away I could see she had an Obama bumper sticker! I was laughing so hard i almost had to pull over. (guess you'd had to been there)

So how was this picture

So how was this picture taken? I see one hand holding the note and the other one laying in the person's lap. Does this person have 3 arms?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

That is hilarious.

That is hilarious.

great guerrilla campaign idea but

I'll have to create one for Romney too! Actually we need to come up with something that we can stick in anyone's car even when there is no sticker. Even the sheeple don't seem to support Obama or Romney enough to put a sticker on their car.

I saw a car in the parking lot last night that had a young black man sitting in it. Across the top of the front windshild it had big letters that spelled out NOBAMA! Gotta love it!

You know what I got on my windshield one day?

A note that said "Thank you for supporting Ron Paul"


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Simple, easy, nice


I know who this Jacky is!

That's cool about your note. I normally wait until the driver of the car with an RP sticker on it returns and then personally thank them and give um a handshake. Most of the time we trade phone numbers too. When you meet a RP fan...you know you have met a TRUE American and a person who has left the flock of sheeple.

Just do 1

with the combo name Obamney, Romama, or whatever combination ;) Add that you wish they had an intelligent choice....Maybe a write in?


have one with Obama / Romney and circle the name that applies. Granted you're more likely to be circling Obama's name given lazy people that still have their Obama'08 sticker but having the names juxtaposed with a slash hopefully makes the interchangeability of the two easier to see.

How ironic that Obama supporters that put Change stickers on their cars four years ago now must switch it out for the NO Change stickers.

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well now!!

with that sticker on the back of your race truck
how fast it would have went,just trying to get away
from it? ;)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence