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Caucus or convention in which Mittens did NOT cheat yet?

I think I know the answer to this question already, but I don't want to make a blanket statement if Romney has won anything fair and square:

Has there been any caucus or convention in which Mittens has NOT cheated?

Having followed the process, I cannot think of one time that he has won a plurality of delegates without having to cheat, break the rules, ignore the rules, disenfranchise Ron Paul supporters, etc. . . .

I would say we are definitely winning if this is the case, if he cannot advance without being underhanded!

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Utah? Maybe...?

Utah? Maybe...?

Hmmm That's a tuff one

Probably not any tho. I live in Pennsyvania and way back when I went to our towns Republican Headquarters bldg to sign the petition for Dr Paul and his delegates which I knew personally. I had to search all over the table and ask for those particuliar sheets. You see they were hidden under other sheets and not spread out in an individual stack as the others were. Romney and santorum sheets were nicely presented and Pauls were hidden (period).
An excuse was given that nobody from the campaign dropped any off. An ordinary republican would have just accepted what was presented and not looked and asked for certain sheets. From the beginning the establishment was playing games and we all saw via youtube the cheating at so many other states. So I say probably not and if I didn't think that this election was so important and I was not a Paul supporter I may have been like so many others who say they all cheat and walk away from the whole process.