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What is the best font to use when posting on the DP?

I’ve gotten so tired of typing long posts or replies to comments here on DP where my pre-post just disappears or God forbid I make spelling error. (For reasons I’ve never quite understood, DP is anal about spelling).

Anyway, I’ve started creating my posts and long replies to comments in Word. However my default font in Word is Times New Roman. When I paste it into DP I then have to do a crap load of editing the pasted post by back spacing and separating paragraphs, etc.

Is there a font that I could use in Word that would make such editing unnecessary?

BTW for this post I had to hit enter 3 times to seperate the paragraphs that were already seperated in word and then back space to get them lined up again. lol

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Just use notepad

and all these issues will go away.


I think it has more to do with the way Word handles formatting, not necessarily the font.

I'd recommend trying WordPad or whatever is the most basic text editor on your computer and copy/pasting from there. Good luck :)

Wordpad. That makes sense, iamfreee. Thanks!

lol I have no clue why someone downvoted this post. But, as I have found, I often learn more by getting downvoted than upvoted but what possible reason would someone have to downvote this? lol