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"Votes For Chairty" new website launch: votesforcharity.org

Hey everyone, my friends (both Ron Paul supporters and libertarians) are launching a new project called "Votes for Charity." The goal is to get hundreds of thousands of disillusioned voters to sign up and pledge to vote for whichever party donates more money to charity.

The idea is to draw a bunch of the dirty political money away from pointless advertising toward charity.

As the block of voters gets bigger, it will be harder and harder for big Republican and Democrat donors to ignore. They'll start competing for this block of traditionally unavailable voters.

Could be really neat. I think it will do a nice job making a bit of a mockery of the current electoral system.

Sign up if you want! Also, feel free to give feedback and I'll pass it on to the creators.


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Any thoughts?

I'd love to hear people's reaction to this idea. I think it's really cool. I think the Ron Paul crowd could give it a huge boost.

Wow this is cool

Hey man,

I was literally just searching on google for votes for charity, and this came up! Everyone should check out not only the website, but the video embedded on it! The cause needs your help!

-hint... This is your little brother