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Still Vacancies For 30+ Alternates in Johnson County Texas, Get In There!

As of April 21, there were approx 30 vacancies for alternates.

Check the other links about Texas Delegates and Alternates slots for more info.


I attended the Johnson County convention, April 21, 2012. All of the attendees were elected either delegate or alternate because there were not enough people to fill the entire slate.

So get in there, there were approx 60+ Delegates (filled) and only 30 Alternates. So that leave about 30 open spots for Alternates.

Good thing about Johnson County is they say even if you are just an Alternate, they promise you will get seated as a Delegate for at least one vote. They want everyone to be feel involved.

Since TExas primary doesnt happen until May 29, we had to swear (affirm) we hadnt supported any non-republican candidate this election cycle to be eligible to be a Delegate/Alternate. Since I attended the precinct convention, this was done as a group, voice affirmation. So you might have to affirm over the phone, email, or send in paperwork, I dont know. But get in there, we need 30 more alternates.

A lady I talked to, told me about half of the delegates usually dont show up at the State Convention, so that could mean that all 30 open alternates could get seated.

We need you here, there are only about 8 Ron Paulers and all but 2 incognito for the time being. So dont mention him, yet. Our chairman opened the meeting with the statement "I know we are not happy with our presumptive nominee (meaning Mitt) but we have to beat Obama". So all we have to do is convince them. Be nice, there are a lot of country folk! I think our County Chairman, Henry likes horses because there is a photo of him in cowboy hat riding a horse on the county website.


If you get an alternate slot, post here on dailypaul (not your name, just if you succeeded becoming an alternate and how many slots are left) so people can tell at a glance how many slots are still open.


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Fill up all delegate seats..

Some of you were upset that you had missed being involved in Texas.. Here's your chance. You may wind up in a delegate spot.. I'm sure some will not show!

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Need to get this on top...


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Delegates Know This

I assume that the GOP state delegations, like the LP state delegations, will be willing to seat alternates -- from other states -- just to make sure they have a full delegation.

That means, alternates, show up! Be nice! Ask if you can be seated by another delegation if yours is full.

Showing up is winning.

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bump very important!

bump very important!

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