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We have made "truth" a dirty word in our land. It has gotten so bad that "conservative" commentators that draw hundreds of thousands of people to their events refer to "truthers" as the nation's most dangerous people...i.e. even worse than Communists (see: Glenn Beck on cop killer, and former Obama staffer, Van Jones.)

The truth on a few things:

1. 911 was indeed an inside job, and half of what we are fighting verbally all the time as R.P./freedom supporters (drones over America, NDAA, Patriot Act, Middle East interventionism, etc.) is based on the HUGE lie of 911.

2. Obama was indeed ineligible to be President, based on many things, but most recently the fly cover of his unpublished book that admits he was born in Kenya. Meanwhile, many "tea party" people are now promoting another ineligible for V.P. under the Mormon Messiah (Rubio.)

3. Rand Paul does NOT believe in conspiracies (except, perhaps, the Jekyl Island conspiracy that formed the Fed.) and we need to be smart about promoting this guy after Ron. (BTW...Dr. Paul HAS called for new investigations into 911.) MOST CURRENT RON PAUL PAID STAFFERS share Rand's "non-conspiratorial view" of the world.

We MUST SUPPORT DR. PAUL, but we also need to be aware that many close to him do not understand or honor the truth. If you can not stand up for the truth (no matter the cost) then, in my way of thinking, our movement CAN NOT ULTIMATELY SUCCEED.

Dr. Paul ALWAYS tells the truth. He does not always tell ALL of it for strategic reasons, but at least, I believe, he "gets it" on these major issues cited. We must not only support the Constitution but ALL efforts at exposing elements that are working towards undermining it through LIES AND DISTORTIONS. We will NOT finish the job in repairing our nation until TRUTH is once again elevated to supremacy in our public discourse...even if it hurts. (John 8:32!)

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If we do not get to the bottom of 911...

...we can not begin to rebuild.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."



"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Driving Force

The 9/11 Truth movement was pivotal in my finding out about Dr. Paul. I was in 5th grade in 2001. I didn't really know what the world was like, and so I didn't feel how drastic the changes were at the time.

However, in high school, looking back on 9/11, seeing the truthers' and the new's stories side-by-side, the truthers were obviously more convincing.

I think http://ae911truth.org is going to be the next key in showing people just how deep the deception has run. The typical story is a fantasy, and even highly educated people think so.

We also need to address the global-warming propaganda. Yeah, it's uniquely warm for this time of year where I live. However, the fact that Al Gore can go before congress and say, "The science is decided!" when it obviously wasn't should alert all of us that something fishy is going on.

Even here on D.P.....

TRUTH is off topic, I guess.


The "revolution" can not succeed if we continue to be led by those who either don't care enough to seek it, or have found it, and rejected it.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


when the alternative to truth is placed as the higher ideal.

I refuse however to turn from truth's pursuit and hope that what is just (esp. w/ JFK @ 50 years in 2013) will out


reporter: what's your plan for tonight?

Ron Paul: tell the truth

The Truth will set you free

on your article, I agree with your concept, but not your facts
1. I think 911 was a UN/ Nato job
2. I think Obama was to prove the Constitution is fiction
3. Rand will ride his Dad's coat tails and maybe his Dad has done everything he can, in the name of truth, to provide for his heirs?

I think that you are correct about TRUTH being a dividing line. Some of us seek truth and many of us do not, and the ones who do not rule. Maybe they have always ruled?

truther, hippie, nerd

... names can never hurt me.

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