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Daily silver/gold coin use

Would physical gold/silver coin be practical for your daily purchases?

I mean all the stores would have to get some kind of device to check for shaving and authenticity right? Does it take skill to spot illegitimate silver and gold?

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is what got us into this mess. We must use only physical metal.

I disagree

The ability to take your paper money to a bank and exchange it for gold/silver IS the check on the monetary system. The practicalities of paper (lighter, counterfeit measures, etc...) remain the same.


gold and silver managed to work just fine as everyday money for 150 years here, and about 6000 years on other parts of the globe.

I think it would do just fine.
There are weighing methods and chemical I.D. methods that are simple to use, if you are worried about it.
The coins have serrated edges to stop the shaving issues.
Just use old US coins. They were made for the purpose.

No One is suggesting that

Just paper money BACKED by physical assets.

Yeah I mostly just curious.

Yeah I mostly just curious.