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Addressing the TENSION, and Delegate comradery ... my way ;)

I have been compelled for many months since joining the revolution here to just say deliberate/specific things, substantively; because often times we just need to cut through the soft cushioning veneer(distractions) so people do get upset!

I think we should all be upset - OFFENDED really, not only that this mess has gotten this bad(Obama's re-election is CERTAIN with a Romney nomination); but that we are "hated" for our patriotism!

And I do it(write and speak), as a drive/hobby/quest in order to prick someone's conscience because I believe we should stick the spade into the hard soil and plant that seed if we want it to grow; not just throw them wildly at random into the air.

Look, we are saying things are BAD; so I wish so many Republicans would stop sugar-coating it("we survived Clinton, we'll survive Obama") - I just don't see it that way ... we all have Republican neighbors, co-workers, family members who appear on the surface just like some of the excellent and sincere (rah!!! rah!!)speakers that many conventions have highlighted ... but at the end of the day, they do KNOW the system, they do KNOW there is deep corruption, they KNOW they cannot trust their fellow committee-member, they KNOW the kingmakers, they KNOW their own careers, needs, desires, and expenses; and they routinely vote for THEMSELVES and the preservation of THEIR lifestyle and creature comforts when given the chance ... and this is WHY Ron Paul is a threat ... because they(at the top), and they(at the bottom); may be FORCED to make an honest living and labor with their hands as we have been forced to do in order to FUND their un-challenging daily existence.

Our network is not made up of folks with unlimited access to money, political cronies, corporate jobs, or university scholarships etc. etc. etc. And we do not HATE the successful, or the upper-middle-class executive who coaches our children in sports; we simply do not like the selfishness and the disconnect that renders them unable to realize ALL MEN are created equal, and are individually and uniquely talented ... and given an opportunity to succeed ... there's no telling what they might accomplish, or, give back later in life while enjoying their LIBERTY; rather than existing under a government microscope that just exists to serve itself, and grow in enzymatic form as our founders warned us it would unless we CONTROL it.

We have come to change it, and then we have every intention of controlling it; and so, the tension can be directly traced to the HYPOCRISY of those who profess that they are proponents of every good American conservative value under the Sun, but yet openly assault, mock, ridicule, dismiss, and marginalize the STATESMAN Ron Paul and his supporters for NO GOOD REASON other than majority opinion and Grand Old Party tradition(peer pressure, that maintains the status-quo) - the very same tradition that has, over the last 4 decades I have been on this Earth, destroyed my opportunities, indebted myself through a carrot-and-stick approach before I woke up, and has rendered my children as apparent SLAVES to government who will not only never be afforded an opportunity to honor me/care for me later in life for my hard work on their behalf because they will have to dump me also onto the government dependance role because their "excesses" will never be allowed, or, will be confiscated!

There is SO MUCH at stake here; and I am glad some "leader" recognized the tension in Minnesota; but if he cannot see it, from OUR perspective ... his words profit nothing.

I was raised to conform to this system of Romanism; and when the bottom came out on me, and the socialism overtook me, it was TOO LATE - I am offended because I was HONEST, but then, I was entertaining thoughts that I would have to become a criminal in the eyes of my government in order to labor and put food on our table, and a roof over our heads - now - still conforming(and working again, Thank God!) - I hurt, and represent, and fight for those who have not found work - and cannot find work; at a point in our nation's history when we are faced with a very real possibility of going full blown communist, unto the permanent dejection/negation of every last ounce of honest, voluntary, profitable effort mankind can muster up for the GOOD of his fellow man ... all so a bunch of insulated adolescents who have never worked a day in their lives can keep playing dictator/potentate/senator because they serve money, and refuse to retain the Creator in their knowledge.

Our founders warned us; and they placed the blame well ahead of time upon "we the people"; because we are the electorate, who would tolerate the immoral to shape our culture and hijack our politics if we chose not to remain reverent to the laws of Nature's God ... and so here we are; and although "we the people" over the past two generations have allowed it to deteriorate for my lifetime(which is also Ron Paul's public career), I stand with you and SALUTE every last patriot who has promoted this cause as a 1st generation PATRIOT reversing direction and paddling against the current. We now walk confidently into these "tension-filled" rooms with foreknowledge that we will be "hated" for daring to re-instate character, integrity, morality, decency, common sense, and real American fearless fortitude back into the Executive Branch of our government(as well as lower legislative offices)!!!

It is an honor to be called a Ron Paul delegate with you!!!

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Susie 4 Liberty's picture

I'm speechless

Thank you for writing my very thoughts...in such a simple, yet eloquent, post.

Susie 4 Liberty