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Legalize the Constitution

How many signatures does it take to put a ballot referendum in every state before November... if you have interest I will go further.

Legalize the constitution for the united States of America.

Gather the signatures - put it on the ballots - and let it roll - lets see who will challenge the main stream media and say "we can't have the constitution legalized."

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We legalize the constitution

We legalize the constitution by asserting state and individual rights.

the constitution should only

the constitution should only be legalized for medical purposes, not for recreation.

I like your idea. I don't

I like your idea. I don't see why some computer savvy individual couldnt create a website like nationalreferendum.com since our government as a whole seems to be out of touch with it's citizens.

Other ideas I would put up for referendum would be:

No war with Iran or other countries.

Balanced budget.

Eliminate the debt.