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Calling all attorneys: Can you help? Where are you from? Please provide your credentials.

For those who would like to sue (or help sue) for the ballot stuffing, delegate purging, and numerous other fraudulent activity, what can you/we do to get the ball rolling?


Thank you.

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There is a FB page

called - Attorneys for Ron Paul.


Ron Paul is My President

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It may just be the smartest move they ever make.

The GOP will soon be the Grand New Party. It is their hand to play.

Very interesting indeed!

Having fun yet?

This is a good place to start!

The Official Website for Ron Paul had this announcement about Attorney's for Ron Paul:


In it are listed several attorneys that may be able to help counsel anyone that is seeking legal ramifications for fraud and what they can do about it. Attorneys listed (with quick google info) are:

J. Mark Brewer (Houston, Texas)

William F. Harvey (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Herbert W. Titus (Winchester, Virginia)

William J. Olson (Winchester, Virginia)

Tim Baldwin (Kalispell, Montana)

There is also this facebook group:

Anybody in Arizona!

Sure would be nice to see some justice from that convention!


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As I just posted on the doug wead topic...

there is someone posting on his blog that already has 3 attorneys lined up in Arizona. Please go check out the comments section of Doug's blog regarding this. Here posts are from "annebeck58"

If There Is A Youth Chapter or RP State Campaign HQ?

Maybe one of those organizations can file the suit or coordinate the suit since it may involve separate venues.

Somebody needs to coordinate the go-ahead so we can fund and file immediately. I would say this has to be done by mid-June. Maybe a judge would issue an injunction (depends on state and federal law of coourse). Maybe the campaign can't file a suit for PR reasons, but they could tell us if and what laws may have been broken.

Anyway - I'm in - at least it might expose the AZGOP and get Paul some publicity and might allow some elected officials to decide to act.


Attorneys for Ron Paul

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul


smart suggestion.

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing

I am not sure you

will find many attorneys that support Ron Paul, they are usually democrats or lobbyists.
Prove me wrong, let's see some DP attorneys step up.


Not really a fair assessment...

I am an attorney, and I support Ron Paul. I grew up in his Congressional district near Lake Jackson and voted for him for Congress way before he ran for President in '08 (and voted for him in his re-election to Congress in '08). The problem isn't the political affiliation of attorneys (most of the ones in my office are in fact Republicans), the problem is that people think that all attorneys sue people. This should be focused on civil- and voting-rights litigators. VERY few of us are equipped to do the type of work the movement needs, and unfortunately, the ones that do civil rights work for a living are, more likely than not, bleeding heart liberals.

That said, I'd be happy to write a nasty letter or two on letterhead to try to scare someone into doing the right thing. Just not sure I could back it up with anything useful.

Ah, but you

see, my post worked. I asked someone to prove me wrong and you did. Thank you!!!




Doesn't matter if they like Paul or not

The lawyers should uphold the law. Also, since some don't care about upholding the law, they get paid and could care less, as long as they win.

Something needs to be done by the people

NOT the campaign. BUMP.


We can do things that the campaign can not do for PR reasons.