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Brokered Convention still possible?

I have heard that the delegates that are bound delegates must vote for the winner of their state on the first ballot when they vote BUT they are however not required to vote at all on the first ballot if they choose to refrain. Is this true? If so, wouldn't it still be possible to enter a brokered convention if those bound delegates that are Paul supporters choose not to vote at all on the first ballot?

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Big Kahunna

I think we're eying a simple majority.

To anyone who thinks that's far-fetched; a vote for Romeny means we leave the party and OBAMA wins.

If you want a Republican, IT HAS TO be Paul.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

It seems there are strong

It seems there are strong opinions on this matter on both sides of the coin. I'm not clear if there is a real answer. It might be one of those things where people are making up the rules as they go along.

Ben Swann thinks Rule 38 plus a letter from an RNC attorney means all delegates are unbound immediately.