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Corruption in Arizona - active perps and perpetrators by omission

These are serious charges that have the Ron Paul camp up in arms. They believe similar corruption probably occurred during primaries and caucuses around the country and also at several other state conventions including Maine and Oklahoma. Despite these proven infractions that are occurring all over the country, the mainstream media seems reluctant to chronicle the corruption, which seems strange, given that the big media usually thrives on scandal. It is beginning to look as if the big corporate media may be seeing dollar signs, recognizing that both Governor Romney and President Obama and their corporate backers will buy a lot of advertising between now and November. By not reporting on these scandals, the big media is also participating in a perpetrator by omission scheme.

Honest Americans are undoubtedly wondering what happened to their country as they see this blatant corruption unfold. The ends justify the means philosophy appears to have overtaken our political process and civic virtue seems to have all but disappeared. Insider politicians and their corrupt accomplices in the trenches keep on keeping on and the mainstream media ignores their behavior.


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