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My Email to "Libertarian" radio talk show host Billy Cunningham

Yesterday, talk show host Billy Cunningham, after calling Mitt Romney the "perfect" candidate AND stating that gay marriage should not even be BE an issue, proceeded to spend an hour with a guest who slammed the idea of gay marriage.

SO - In a bad mood, I sent him this email:
Mr. Cunningham,

While you waste time on your radio show talking about gay marriage, gay issues and social issues, WE ARE GETTING FLEECED by the central bankers of the world.

You should spend EVERY MINUTE on your show telling the ignorant American people how much money we are forced to give away in foreign aid.

Or how much money we give to the IMF, WORLD BANK, U.N., and myriad other international organizations designed to usurp our sovereignty.

RON PAUL is the ONLY man of truth left in this presidential race.

I suggest you get behind Congressman Paul IMMEDIATELY and quit pussy-footing around the REAL issues.

Romney is NO DIFFERENT than Obama on MOST ISSUES.

For example, Romney will not address any of the following:

The Federal Reserve
U.S. federal foreign aid
U.S. foreign occupations
U.S. foreign wars
Dept of Education
Dept of Energy
Dept of Commerce
Federal Income Tax
"War on Drugs"
International Monetary Fund theft
World Bank theft
The U.N. (which rapes us daily of hard-earned taxpayer money)

Only Ron Paul can save this country.

Obama and Romney are Status Quo hacks for Big-Government, world bankers, military defense contractors, and international organizations designed to end U.S. sovereignty.

So please use your air time wisely and promote Dr. Ron Paul before it's too late.

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Good email. Most of the other

Good email. Most of the other fake conservative talk radio hosts have been mentioned here, but this is the first time I've seen anything about Cunningham. That guy is no libertarian, even though he describes himself as such. He calls himself a "great American." Please let us know if this guy even responds.

"The founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Ron Paul

"For the country to get better, it needs more than just politicians. Politicians aren't enough. It needs a resurgence through churches, through revivals, through a spiritual