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Watch The Vote is looking for this guy to get an Affidavit from him

This video was up on DP this weekend.


We need help from anyone who can help us find the man (Marko) in this video and contact information for him. This is URGENT.

We need him to file an affidavit regarding what he witnessed and also supply us with any other witnesses so we can proceed with possible Grand Jury action? Do you know this person or can you help locate him?

Post this on the different Ron Paul sites and ask him to contact: WatchTheVote2012@yahoo.com

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For Liberty!





5:02 In - The Girl Looks Exhausted

I think the woman at 5:02 is a good picture of what is going on. She looks totally spent, exhausted and beat up. Same with the camera man who stayed there all day and into the night. I just want to say BRAVO to them and thank you. They took a beating for us.

THat's a good way to look at it. The lady is a good visual example of how the establishment is treating AMERICANS who want to vote. Pathetic.

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He's been contacted Ralph

so this post can fall by the wayside now.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

No, this post doesn't need to "Go by the Wayside"

If this patriot has been found, just edit the post. One thing though, "Watch the Vote", do they just watch voter fraud or do they do something immnediate? Do RonPaul patriots need to act responsibly on their own in small clamims/class action? This is a big big story.

Watch the vote2012

Go to their Facebook page or to their website! they are quite legit. They are the ones that broke the voter fraud in Iowa! watchthevote2012.org/com. cant remember which it is.

"Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry


Watch the Vote has a Yahoo email account? That must be the big-time. Careful, people. This could be a trap by the Romney Vultures to get delegates to come forward so they can be routed out. Delegates should only contact Doug Wead or the Official Campaign and get their input... not people with Yahoo accounts.


Doug weeds is a gmail account and they're way worse than Yahoo. get for real. Or are you an infiltrator and Romney plant?

"Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry

Are you serious?

If Doug Wead gives you an email address, that's more trustworthy than some random dude on the internet who set up an ugly site. Your logic is that of an 8 year old girl.


Not a trap! Just saw this on watch the vote2012 Facebook page and the video. help find this guy so we can document this fraud and file grand jury affidavit.

"Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry

come on guys don't jump the gun

I often think about these things like infiltration and tricksters posing as friends...but unless you have some sort of evidence it's pointless to post it publicly. The point about the yahoo address is totally exaggerated. I've seen many legit companies and people use yahoo, gmail, aol....

RE: yahoo e-mail censorship...

I highly doubt Yahoo is censoring our e-mail. In most cases I find users haven't fully learned the interface and how their e-mail is stored. But if you have evidence, let's see it. That's a pretty serious charge.

I know why you say that...

...because you've been accused many times of being an infiltrator and now you want to downplay that you are one. Really cute :-)

back to the video...

Yea it does seem like the Daily Paul needs to achieve a better semblance of respect and decorum on this forum. Users toss around these kind of paranoid accusations like they are beach balls. It probably has more to do with a disagreement on issues or something like that. It's sad though. I would never consider accusing someone on a public forum of our peers without first reaching out to that person privately. But I guess it's the internet and we're allowed to post whatever garbage pops into our head.

Respect starts with you...

Don't try and come off as some sort of arbiter of high morals. All you do is post bile and frame people using loaded language and accusations. Can't you do better, shill? Apparently not. Best put down the 5th of Jack next time you try to come at me with your incoherent babble. Now, try again. LOL!

Does anyone like you, Nikola?

Just asking...

Hey GOP, where's my vote?

Internet Tough Guys

What heck are you talking about? I don't even know you, have never had private communication with you nor do I remember having much public discourse with you. And yet you've strung an entire set of events and attributed some sort of theory about me.

How about this...you win. You're the internet toughest forum poster. There? Now...please walk away the victor, let's get Ron Paul into the White House and leave me out of your line of fire. I won't respond to you anymore and please do me the same favor.

Nikola is a sad little troll

Please find him a girlfriend...

Hey GOP, where's my vote?

Watch the Vote was started by the guy

in Iowa named Edward True. He is the Paul supporter who made them recount the Romney vote win and they changed the win to Santorum. They didn't count the missing counties, but it embarrassed the IAGOP enough to where the chair resigned. He is a DPer.

Yahoo censored my RP emails and didn't send them out

Internet censorship is here.

come on

everyone already knew this guy's name and the state he is in even before this watchthevote supposed lawsuit (its all over youtube). what are the romney vultures gonna do to him to "root him out"? Kill him? Come on now.

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing

Slow down, Mr. Helper...

The point is that people need to check things out a couple of times and should only be dealing with the Official Campaign and Doug Wead... not random dudes with Yahoo email accounts who claim to be DP'ers.

Don't build straw men to belittle the fact that Romney is trying to locate and neutralize Paul delegates.

It's already been checked out

and we are well aware of the who and the what of watchthevoe2012.

Two days after the initial launch of the video with Ron Paul telling us to watch the vote from a 2008 video conference call it was posted here and fought tooth and nail by people in Rons campaign right here and all over the internet.

We did it anyway and that's how Edward True found the group nailed them in Iowa. And Edward True didn't start it. It was started by Jim Condit Jr,Gavin Greer and some other person who did the viral marketing with the original video.



That email address is right on the front page of the site.

(instead of squealing so much learn how to search things out for yourself)

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Oh, I see...

It's been checked out by who? You? Who are you? Nobody. To take offense at my concern only proves you have an agenda because it's only smart that delegates lay low. You keep pushing them to reveal themselves. Hmmm.

Your attitude is ridiculous, your grammar and punctuation is even worse, chode. I can barely understand what you're trying to say. Maybe look up Strunk & White for some help?


Is Edward True your boyfriend? You stick up for him like is. Is that his real name? If so, do you squeal it like a pig at the height of pleasure? LOL

Nevertheless, anyone can set up a site. Your pretzel logic is baffling and people should avoid you.

Marko Trickovic

he has his own youtube channel by the same name - no space.