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☛ Step By Step Guide On How To Become A Delegate In OREGON! There Still May Be Vacancies To Become A Delegate. Find Out Here

There may still be vacancies for you to become a delegate for the Oregon Republican Convention on June. The deadline to become a delegate in Oregon is May 31st. I've been helping people in my home state of Illinois: http://www.dailypaul.com/234993/attention-illinois-residents... and would like to do the same in other states, especially those that I heard the campaign hasn't done much in. Here's a simple to-do list on how you can become a delegate or alternate delegate if there are slots still available to do so.

The first step is to call your county chairman, but most people stop there because they don't know where to get that information or what to ask, so we'll start there:

1) Find the phone number of your county chairman by going here: http://www.oregonrepublicanparty.org/counties Find and click on your county. The number listed as the "contact" number is the one you want.

2) When you call you'll want to ask the person on the other line if you could speak to someone regarding a question you have concerning the state convention in June. The person may need to transfer you to some one else, but when you get to someone who can help you, say "I live in xxxx county and was wondering if there are any vacancies available to become a delegate or alternate delegate for the convention in June." They will either answer with yes, no, or only alternates.

3) If they say yes or only alternates, ask what the person needs from you in order to do to become one.

4) Then do the obvious, give them what they need and ask ALL questions you want answered. Here are a few suggested questions to ask

4a) Ask: What do I need to bring with me to the convention to show that I am a delegate?

4b) Ask: What's the best way to contact you if I think of any questions or have an issue in the future.

4c) Ask: What is the address of the convention and what the exact date & time should I get there? (the Oregon gop website lists different addresses for different districts on June 23rd)

4d) Ask: Is there a fee, what is the fee and how can I pay? (I don't think there is one for Oregon, but it's best to ask)

In addition, I've found an online form to apply to become a delegate: http://www.oregonrepublicanparty.org/sites/default/files/ORP... HOWEVER, I strongly urge you to at least TRY going the phone route because since the form they ask you to fill out says you must state your candidate of preference, I have a nasty feeling that people who fill out Ron Paul will be put at the bottom of the pile. If filling out this form or stating who your candidate is shows to be unavoidable then so be it. I just wanted to stress using the phone option first.

That's it. If you are still able to become a delegate that's how you do it. They'll have the information you need and those are the questions you should ask. Honestly, it's really not any more complicated than that.

Please post any questions and/or success stories if you are able to become a delegate in the comment section below.
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TIPS: I would highly suggest


I would highly suggest that you reference how you want to beat Obama and that his poor leadership is why you got interested in politics right now. That it has gotten so bad, you feel you can't stay back and let others take care of this country for you. Mention good things about Romney if you have to and try not to throw up. Hinting that you are a Paul supporter is a good way to shoot yourself in the foot. Chairmen/women who don't know you, but have vacancies to fill are going to want to put people who are committed to the party before all else. If you can convey commitment then you're on the right track because if you haven't been involved much in the party before, they're going to wonder why you want to be a delegate at this stage in the race and whether or not they want to appoint you. Make up whatever excuse you feel is best, but be prepared to give one.