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Video: Review Time! Stop the Trickeration!

I love this guy! Another great 'Review Time' Video from ReviewManify! Lol, tellin it like it is! Woot! Please watch and pass on!

Ron Paul Suspends Campaign. MSM, You Wish!


also see this Review Time!

Rick Santorum Endorsed Mitt Romney Why Not Ron Paul?


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When is a good time to endorse /vote Romney?


Got Principle? Ron Paul 2012!

This guy is fun to watch.


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Bump! For the late night crowd!

And thanks to the mod for the embed!

That guy is funny.

That guy is funny.

Yes, very funny

I really get a kick out of him! Glad you enjoyed!


Thanks for posting.

A fun truth bomb!

I love this guys energy and fun style.

Good find

+ 1 and bump.
Thanks for posting.

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I know you will love this video..soo

forgive a self bump since it dropped so quickly and I've gotta get back to work!

This guy ROCKS!

I especially liked what he said about Ron caring not only about the poor, but the rich too! Ron cares about America!
This guy pulls no punches and has character.
Hope to see more of him soon!

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Stop the Trickeration!

Lol! Yes, I caught that and also
'When is a good time to vote for Romney?

I posted a couple of his on here a while back that were good too! Sometimes people can see better with humor and he has just the right amount of pulling no punches mixed with humor!