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Jack Hunter: Ron Paul’s Movement Can Make GOP Consistently Conservative

With Dr. Paul’s delegate sweep in Minnesota over the weekend as well as some important victories in other states, it is important to note not only that Paul’s forces are making integral GOP but also what a Republican Party of Paul’s supporters’ making will look like. The entire point of Paul and his movement is to advance principle. The primary point of the Republican establishment is to advance politically, principle has little to do with it. If a Republican beats Obama, the establishment will say they’ve “won.” If that Republican governs pretty much like Obama, Ron Paul supporters will ask, rightly, what did we “win?”

This question is paramount if the Republican Party is to ever become the party of limited government.

A few days ago I came across a column I wrote for The American Conservativeat the beginning of this campaign. In fact, I wrote it before I even joined the campaign. Titled “Constant Conservative Ron Paul” I explained how to the degree that the Republican Party ever becomes genuinely conservative in a limited government sense, it will find itself in-line with the philosophy of Ron Paul.

With our multiple victories in various states over the last few weeks, including over the weekend, it might be worth reexamining what Ron Paul’s rEVOLution is really all about.