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Herman Cain Has a Revolutionary New Idea?... A 21st Century Gold Standard.

Herman Cain's Path To A 21st Century Gold Standard

"The case for 9-9-9 and regulatory reform are fairly well known. Where Cain breaks new ground is his call for a “21st Century Gold Standard.” Just as important, he offers a concrete, step-by-step path to make the dollar once again as good as gold, and a new set of operating procedures for the Federal Reserve that would avoid the errors of the past."


I'm saying nothing, but I can't wait to read the comments.


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I figure that gets him a

I figure that gets him a position as deputy treasury secretary or whatever you call it


I'm sorry,

Herman Who?

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Is his new plan .999 fine?

A new set of operating procedures for the Fed is like a new paint job on a Yugo - a coverup that won't fix anything.

Dr Paul

is influencing the national debate!