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The Real 2012 Delegate Count Website: TheReal2012DelegateCount

This website claims to effectively represent "the real delegate count" by not projecting votes like the MSM does. It is the actual count of delegates that is reported to be in one camp or other.

This website has been linked in numerous postings in numerous threads and I thought it would be helpful to have a thread dedicated to this site.


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This site is inaccurate. In

This site is inaccurate. In my state we took 6 delegates--and one of those dropped out, so now we have 5. This site reports that we have 10. (they are counting our 4 alternates as delegates)

The Delegate Count

The Real Delegate Count

Mr. Roboto............755......(32%) Adds a strong 33
Killer Bee.............229.....(10%) Adds merely 4
Ricky Christ..........166.....(7%)
The Grinch.............71......(3%)
Waiting to Join....1108.....

The Entire Gang...2286.....(100%)

Update June 4, 2012
Romney takes majority of delegates in Missouri.
Romney takes the majority of delegates in North Carolina
Romney wins a majority of delegates in Washington State.
Ron Paul wins the majority of delegates for Louisiana

Sorry to say but it is looking like Romney is kicking some major butt

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The Real Delegate Count

The Real Delegate Count

Mr. Roboto............722......(32%)
Killer Bee.............225.....(10%)
Ricky Christ..........152.....(7%)
The Grinch.............70......(3%)
Waiting to Join....1108.....

The Entire Gang...2286.....(100%)

The website notes:
Mitt Romney takes the majority of delegates in North Carolina 39 Romney, 7 Paul, 5 Santorum, 4 Gingrich

Romney wins a majority of delegates in Washington State. 37 Romney, 5 Paul, 1 Santorum.

Ron Paul wins the majority of delegates for Louisiana 27 OF 49. Romney wins 19.


We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

The Real Delegate Count

The Real Delegate Count

Mr. Roboto............627......
Killer Bee.............186.....
Ricky Christ..........146.....
The Grinch.............66......
Waiting to Join....1216.....

The Entire Gang...2286.....(100%)

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Delegate Count Update Ahead of a Crazy Train Week

The next few days will see the numbers move

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Delegate Count Updated

The website has updated its numbers

Mr. Roboto 672
Killer Bee 186
The Grinch 66
Ricky Christ 146

Waiting to be determined at a State Convention 1216

It has not been a good week for Ron Paul. They note however that Romney has yet to officially win the nomination.

Note: I have absolutely nothing to do with this website. I was looking for an easy to understand "real delegate count" (official) and not the estimated crap that the MSM feeds us. This website seemed really clear.

If you happen to know of another site please post a link.


We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

The site has many errors

It doesn't count any delegates at all from Fl, PA, IN, KY, NC, OR, IL, SC, MS, AR, or MA. Those are all primary States where delegates are bound by the popular vote. Those are also all States (with the exception of SC) where Romney won overwhelmingly, and will take either all or almost all of the bound delegates. Any delegate count which ignores these States is nonsense.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Site has become corrupt too

better re-look at that site think it also has been jacked , where have all the states that Paul won gone ? and ABC just announced that Romney is only 58 away of captioning it !

what states do you think it is missing?

Which states did Paul win already that are not reported on that site?

Voting their Conscience

The Chances of having a ' Brokered Convention in Tampa this August is becoming more likely every week . The main focus here is the states that had already completed their caucuses and primaries , or ' Beauty Contests ' in favor of Romney before April 25h when Romney supposely took the five-state primary sweep of Connecticut , Deleware , New York , Pennsylvania and Rhode Island . It was one day later when the Republican National Committee and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus decided to ' declare ' Mitt Romney the ' presumptive ' winner of the 2012 GOP Presidential Race , breaking RNC rule #11 by endorsing and assisting a candidate either before a candidate had aquired the 1,144 delegates needed and/or by a candidate being the only person left in the running .

The point here is that many who had ' presumptively ' voted for Mitt Romney in past state caucuses and primaries before April 25th when the Republican National Committee and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus had blatantly and arrogantly ignored RNC rules to move their boy Mitt Romney into the 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate slot , may very well be opposed to this RNC Rules Violation and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and in retaliation may just swing their vote ( rule 38 ) to Texas Congressman Ron Paul this August in Tampa . Dr. Paul has spoken on many occasions about the Republican Party " losing their way " , and by the RNC and their Chairman breaking their own rules of their own Republican Party couldn't substantiate Dr. Paul's statement any more true .

Texas Congressman Ron Paul had also spoken on many occasions about the voters and delegates " Voting their Conscience ". If any Republican isn't appalled by the Republican National Committee and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus's RNC Rules Violations , then maybe they aren't True Conservative Republicans , maybe they have indeed ' Lost Their Way ' .

The Passion of Romney

Like soldiers, supporters tend to be dug in the trench when it comes to supporting their leader. While I will agree that the passion of Romney (good title for a movie sequel) is not as strong as that which Dr. Paul enjoys from his supporters, nevertheless I doubt that a sense of justice is enough to sway candidates from their position. If it were that easy American would have changed for the better years ago.

An interesting posting though.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

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Title: "Read" --> "Real"

Title: "Read" --> "Real"

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Thank you

Thank you

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Delegate Count Update: Georgia

Update: May 23, 9:15 PM Georgia delegate numbers

Romney takes 66 of 76 delegate
Paul takes 10 national delegates to the RNC

Updated Numbers
Romney 541 (added 66)
Ron Paul 186 (added 10)


Romney is pushing forward

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Correction added

The website added a correction from the above data.
Read the update at that site.

Numbers now look like this:

Robot 496
Killer Bee 186
The Grinch 66
Ricky Martin 146

Numbers for The Grinch remain with him. He's still technically in along with Ricky Martin.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

love the names! :-))

love the names! :-))

Delegate Count Updated

They have just updated the count

Update: May 23, 5:20 PM Romney takes 22 of 30 voting delegates in Michigan. Paul takes 8

The Count so far as listed on that site

PAUL 176

Romney is gaining at a much quicker pace.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.


The Real Delegate Count has the following numbers as of 21 May
Romney 453
Killer Bee 168

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Yep, I'm a fan

Had been watching MSNBC and RealClearPolitics. But regrettably have to admit that they really are obscuring the facts. MSNBC is the best of the two, but with a somewhat scattergun approach to the accuracy of their info. Real Clear (or rather real muddy) politics started okay, but have increasingly dragged their feet ever slower and sloooooower as if reluctant to publish the actual results that were coming in. They appear now to be under orders not to allow Paul's count to climb above 110, in spite of all reality, which is becoming increasingly untenable. Neither site for example has yet reported the 6 from Michigan at the weekend.

So far have not found any actual inaccuracy in thereal2012delegatecount yet, despite the remarkably positive count.

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the site has plenty of inaccuracies

Here are some states for which it has inaccurate counts:


Between these states alone, when only considering the places where the delegate selection process is complete, the site is underestimating Romney's delegate count by over 300.

I am confused as to why this keeps getting listed as a realistic count.

Hi, what are the true figures for those states?

It seems like for those states you've listed, the majority are states that have not had their conventions yet and so the site has not posted any results yet. Is that not correct? Of the ones that have:

GA - the site is claiming that 10 of Newt Gingrich's 52 delegates are Ron Paul supporters.

CO - Hard to gauge this one. MSNBC have not posted full results even tho the convention has already happened. Looks like real2012count may be claiming 4 of Santorum's delegates as Ron Paul supporters.

ND - Well in this one if anything real2012count seems to have LESS for Ron Paul than other sources. MSNBC has Paul at 8 delegates, Romney at 7, while real2012count has Paul at 2 and Romney at 14.

What are your figures please?

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these states have all picked many delegates

(if not all of them). Some have state conventions coming up but have already chosen many national delegates through other processes. Here are my numbers:

FL - There's not a convention to choose delegates, and I'm not sure why the site says there is one. Delegates have already been chosen by committees in the various districts and a state committee. They haven't released the names of the delegates or their allegiances, but all are bound to vote for Romney. This can safely be marked as 50-0 for Romney. Maybe there's an outside chance that 1 or 2 are Paul supporters.

GA - The numbers they've reported are strange. They're counting the Gingrich-bound delegates that are Paul supporters for Paul, but they're counting the Gingrich-bound delegates that are Romney supporters for Gingrich. They can't have it both ways. Either they report the bound numbers, in which case Gingrich has 52, Romney 21, and Santorum 3 - or they count the delegates bound to other candidates as unbound and list the candidate that they're planning to vote for. Gingrich told his delegates at the state convention to vote for Romney, and that's what they'll do. Ron Paul has somewhere between 10 and 15 of the district delegates in the state. The rest of the 76 are going to vote for Romney.

MS - They had the convention and Romney won all of the delegates.

SC - They had the convention and Romney won 10 of the 11 delegates. There have been district caucuses as well, and Paul probably won a few of those delegates. It might be 20-5 in the state for Romney overall.

PA - 59 of their 72 delegates have already been decided. Romney has at least 27 and Paul has at least 5.

MI - They've updated this and it's accurate now (or at least close to accurate - I think the count is 23-7, though others have said 22-8).

MA - This is 16-11 right now for Paul, and we know for certain that the other 14 delegates chosen are going to be Romney supporters, though they haven't been picked yet.

NY - There's no convention, and these delegates were picked by the candidates and by a committee. All are going to Romney.

IL - 54 of the delegates have already been picked, and Romney has 42 while Santorum has 12. The rest will be picked at the convention.

MO - This is currently accurate, and I think it was a mistake for me to include it in the list. They've chosen some delegates and are waiting to choose more at the convention.

CO - Their result was 13 Romney delegates, 6 Santorum delegates, and 17 unpledged delegates. The Paul team is saying that 1 of the unpledged is a Santorum supporter, 13 are Paul supporters, and 3 are probably going to vote Romney. That makes it 16 for Romney, 7 for Santorum, and 13 for Paul, and that's probably the best guess right now.

ND - This result was 20 for Romney, 6 for Santorum, 2 for Paul. MSNBC's count is the original projection, which turned out to be wrong. They've had a convention and these numbers are the ones that were reported.

Other states:

WI - They've already chosen delegates and it's 33-9 for Romney over Santorum.

KY - They've chosen 18 delegates at district conventions, and Romney has between 14 and 17 of these so far.

RI - Final count is 15-4 for Romney over Paul.

Interesting, thanks

So what would your national totals be for both candidates right now?

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there are many different ways to count

and so it's hard to give a single clear answer. If you count the Paul supporters that have been placed as delegates for other candidates in the Paul column, and if you only count delegates who have already been picked or who are chosen by the candidates or by committees (basically, places where it's going to be near impossible to place stealth delegates), my rough count has Romney around 925 and Ron Paul at just about 200.

A few states to note in these assumptions:

Utah - I am including those 40 delegates for Romney in this count because they have already been picked, they are all Romney supporters, and there is less than a 0 percent chance that Romney loses the popular vote in Utah.

Idaho - I counted all 32 for Romney because the way the system is set up there, the delegates are going to be picked from among a list given out by the Romney team. There was going to be an effort to unbind delegates but the Paul campaign has discouraged that. There is very little chance of stealth delegates there.

Oklahoma - I'm not counting those for either candidate yet.

I'm not counting any state that hasn't voted yet except for Utah. I'm not counting the delegates that are going to be picked in future conventions or caucuses, even if they are bound to Romney (for example, this count didn't include any delegates from Oregon, Arkansas, North Carolina, or Indiana). I'm not counting Santorum or Gingrich delegates for either Romney or Paul unless a Paul supporter got the spot or unless a state convention was held where the delegates decided to all support Romney (like what happened in Mississippi).

I think the real count for Romney is actually much higher than this, because there are many Santorum and Gingrich supporters who are delegates and who will support him at the convention. The 925 number assumes that none of the couple hundred in this position will vote for Romney. And again, it assumes that the stealth Paul supporters who are Romney-bound delegates vote for Ron Paul. If they vote for Romney, the delegate disparity is larger.

Hi Shazad

What's your thoughts on this count?

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

it's a pretty decent count

though it's a little inconsistent in how it counts delegates from certain states. The "bound" page is a little more accurate than the "unbound". On the unbound page, I think it still underestimates Romney's current count by a little under 100, and overestimates Ron Paul's by less than 100. It's a little too confident about Oklahoma and Louisiana, both of which are going to be fought over. I'm also not sure where he gets the 10 Paul delegate count in Maryland. But this is a much, much better count than the "Real 2012 Delegate Count".

that site has its own set of gaps

and all the island territories

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