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Rasmussen Poll Shows Paul Taking More Obama Supporters Than Romney

It used to supposedly be all about who was the most electable against Obama. While I understand that the focus is now on winning delegates not beauty contests, I still found this interesting.

This is a bit old, but I don't remember seeing it posted here. Sorry if I missed it at the time.

The headline of the first link below sums up the poll results:

"Three-Way Race: Romney 44%, Obama 39%, Ron Paul 13%"

That's with Paul as a 3rd party candidate in the general election. They compared that to the election poll results with just Romney, Obama mentioned specifically where Romney also won by a similar margin I think. But the significant part to me was that both Romney and Obama's support went down as a result of the addition of Ron Paul.

The second link below has this headline:

"Ron Paul Draws Support From Both Obama and Romney As Third Party Candidate"

I didn't see any results with Paul against Obama at the time despite my searching. I doubt Rasmussen even looked at that... he is part of the lamestream media after all. But here's what I see...

Paul takes more votes from Obama than Romney does.

Either that means (1) Paul is the most electable candidate in that he gets support from both independents and pulls from Obama's pool, or (2) the "anybody but Obama" GOP folks are just blowing hot air. Maybe both.

Of note in this... any single voter that is pulled from Obama's supporters on a republican Ron Paul ticket is a +2, not a +1. It's one more for Paul AND one less for Obama. I'm still convinced Ron Paul is the most electable candidate... though this may still depend in part on whether the republican base would bite their tongues and support (vote for) him.



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