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Romney sweeps Utah by getting all 40 delegates?

Is this true? can anybody clarify? that is what thereal2012delegatecount.com is reporting.

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Utah primary isn't until July

They are the last state in the process.

this is a 'crying shame'--

but I'm not surprised.

Not sure whether to be mad or sad. Maybe a little of both.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I was there - it's true.

Let me try to write this all up. Our State Convention was held back in April. Utah's GOP currently has a caucus system for electing National Delegates, but they will be bound to the winner of the June Primary, which without a doubt will be Romney - he got over 90% of the vote here in 2008. We planned and prepared, but the Romney state delegates outnumbered us 40 to 1.

Many Ron Paul supporters got Hatch'd at the caucuses. Orrin Hatch, who takes credit for the PATRIOT Act and endorsed by Romney, spent millions of dollars encouraging his supporters to go out and caucus, in almost as organized of fashion as Ron Paul supporters have been in other states with caucus system. They took the majority of delegates on caucus night, but by some miracle our Senate race to unseat him barely went to a Primary - 32 state delegates out of over 3900 were what prevented him from automatically getting the party's nomination.

Ron Paul grassroots were awesome, dedicated, and we were the only real contender there to the Romney machine. How many Newt and Frothy supporting state delegates were there put together? Less than a dozen I'll bet. And I don't think there was a single National Delegate candidate for either.

The Romney Campaign purchased an ad spot in the convention program to list their national delegates candidates -- a brilliant move, I'll admit. What WASNT fair was Josh Romney getting to preach to the delegates and tell them to vote for his slate. We had a Ron Paul guy request a motion to be given time to speak on behalf of the Ron Paul delegates, but that was drowned out in nays.

Only 1 Ron Paul person on our slate made it, and that was because he was also on the Romney Slate. This politician, in Romney-loving Utah, had the guts to say that Ron Paul was his preferred presidential candidate, yet somehow he made it on the Romney slate. However, I wouldn't bet my life on him voting for Ron Paul even in the case of a brokered convention.

But to put in perspective - Romney's campaign spent thousands of dollars and had dozens of PAID campaign staff at the convention to fight a group of unpaid, dedicated volunteers who care about the Constitution. I met dozens of awesome liberty-loving people at the convention, and they're what gives me hope for the future.

Well if 1 from the paul slate

Well if 1 from the paul slate made it, that's 1 delegate that might exercise rule 38 in the ultimate amount of irony, considering that letter from 2008 from the RNC was about a Utah delegate bound to McCain and wanted to vote Romney :)

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It's true

The convention was 4/20-4/21. Romney won.

A couple of things happened:

1.) The Romney campaign bought an ad in the convention program with their slate.
2.) Josh Romney was speaking, told every one to vote for his dads slate...much like arizona.
3.) The delegates didn't boo josh here tho.. Utah LOVES Romney (see num. 4, and 5). Someone tried to pass a motion to allow speaking time for the RP delegate list.. it was overwhelmingly defeated. We lost every delegate spot.
4.) Utah = Romney love
5.) Utah = Romney love
6.) The end. :/

I was actually wondering why the website wasn't updated with the Utah totals.

but if Ron Paul wins the primary there..

they will all vote for him in Tampa on the first ballot.

Of course, Romney got 89% of the vote there in 2008 and it would be a little tough to imagine him losing it this year.

Yes, this is true!

If RP wins they will have to vote for him on the fist ballot, but i'd bet all $20 of my life savings that they'll vote for romney on the 2-200th ballot if thats what it takes... but I do have all the delegates names somewhere if anyone wants them.

We had a lot of people turn out (older crowd) to the caucuses this year because of the race for senate (orrin hatch has been there for 36 years) ,and the older crowd wants to keep him there.

Post the delegate names

People here will work on them to try and convert them, become friends with them, whatever it takes to change their minds in a peaceful, non forceful "non-coercive" way. That is the key. We can talk to delegates as long as we are not using force to coerce them.

I had an entire thread going on "Operation delegate conversion" so people are ready to work the ground came for that.

no they would not have to

no they would not have to vote for paul because of rule 38 right?

they would have to vote for Ron Paul

Rule 38 doesn't mean that delegates can just ignore state rules. The RNC has explicitly said the opposite. States can enforce their own binding as long as they don't break RNC rules. Romney supporters at the convention, if bound to Ron Paul, will vote for Ron Paul until they're allowed by their state to vote for someone else.

Shazad is messing with you, he's a troll

I've seen Shazad on several topics now. He is clearly a troll and casts doubt into everyone's minds. I don't call troll and hate it when people do for new people to dailypaul but Shazad is the mother of all the trolls. I thinks its Josh Romney.

Shazad is a Romney supporter, and has been open about that...

... but I have generally found his opinions to be thoughtful and his claimed facts to be at least arguably accurate. Just because someone supports another Presidential candidate does not mean that he is ignorant or dishonest.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

he gives false info and twists the RNC rules

dont trust Shazad. why hasn't he been kicked off this site yet?

Yes it does

mean he is ignorant and being dishonest to himself.
You both seem to be at the wrong site.
Just setting it straight!

It would seem kind of odd,

It would seem kind of odd, since Utah has yet to have a primary/caucus.

That said, though, I'm not holding out much hope of delegates from there. That doesn't mean our people in Utah shouldn't give it their best.

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MANY UTANS prefer Ron Paul

Lets see how it its gonna be, and indeed - primaries are in June.

Ron Paul ... forever.

I see it

Well, it's Mormon country.

But I do not know any Mormons who like him.

They like OUR guy.

Ron Paul is My President