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Romney, you will NEVER be POTUS, here is why!

Dear Mitt Romney,

Last election cycle (2008) you spent $40 million of your own money trying to become POTUS. Who in God's name spends $40 million of their own money to try and become POTUS without thinking about a return on their investment,certainly not you. You NEVER spend money unless there is a return profit of some sort.ie. Bain Capital etc.

This election cycle you have let the GOP and your campaign commit documented blatant FRAUD against the Ron Paul supporters(also Santorum and Newt supporters), without saying one word in regards to same FRAUD. In other words it's obvious you orchestrated these FRAUDS, you knew about them,you turned a blind eye to them, this makes you 100% complacent in these FRAUDS.

Do you seriously think the American people are blind to these FRAUDS, do you honestly think they don't care,do you seriously think you will get away with this? Not a chance Mitt, not a chance!

Americans don't have to be Ron Paul supporters to be sickened by more FRAUD in politics. So thinking the MSM keeping this quiet helps you was your first mistake and your second mistake was thinking your campaign and the GOP won't have a chit load of lawsuits coming your way!

You have sadly mistaken the undercurrent of America, people are sick and tired of politics as usual, the good ole' boy FRAUDS WILL BE your down fall, you can take that to the bank!!

The Ron Paul supporters TOGETHER with other Americans WILL NOT let these FRAUDS stand, there WILL BE lawsuits. The gauntlet has been thrown down, Doug Wead has given his scorched earth blessing, it's all there between the lines, you are finished Mitt Romney.


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Your link is dead.

Someone must have not liked you calling attention to the article.

fiddle dee dee