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Just Switched From Democrat To Republican In California

Thank god some one put a thread up yesterday saying it was our last day to register Republican! Now I was registered, but under democrat, because the kid that registered me said it was an open primary. Freaken liar! Lol. So I just came back from my post office and switched it. The lady at the post office said "good job switching, save us some money!", I laughed because I don't believe in having the post office either! If only she knew lol. Anyway thankyou dailypaul because I look at you everyday for the real news!!! Peace guys...

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She can work for Fed Ex

After you close up that post office.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

That's what I told a friend

That's what I told a friend of mine Who saw this thread... He said the post office isn't part of the government and if you close it down, fed ex and ups will raise there prices, I'm like come on now!

juan maldonado

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Post office = garbage delivery

If you look at your mail, you'll be lucky to find a letter from Grandma even monthly but find a big stack of promotional garbage daily. The whole service is mostly set up to have people delivery little piles of garbage to your home.

Will all the companies still send you trash if they have to pay a few dollars for each piece?

Bring on the higher prices.

you'd think the eco people would be in a twist about all of the wasted paper and fuel the USPS inspires (?)

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

Yup! You're so right man.

Yup! You're so right man.

juan maldonado

I want to thank everybody for

I want to thank everybody for there kind words. Ron Paul has changed the way I look at world, the way I talk to people, I mean EVERYTHING! It's crazy how we're all different, but freedom unites all of us! I can't wait until Ron Paul gets the respect he deserves... I can't wait!!!

juan maldonado



Tomorrow (May 22nd) is the

Tomorrow (May 22nd) is the last day to fill any vacant delegate seats for Illinois' state convention in June. If you live in Illinois, want to be a delegate, can afford $50 and have time to make a phone call, then I can help you out.

Make that a full post

We need to get as many people registered as possible

That was me

Glad to hear it! Let's win it, every vote counts.

Bless you ~

may your example inspire many more!

are you registered GOP?

I sure hope so. :D

How can you ask me that, Granger?

Of course I am!

Somewhere I thought you

were Libertarian. And I trust you would tell the truth, otherwise I wouldn't ask, nor would I care. Instead, I am VERY HAPPY to know that my beloeved friend Lao Tzua is on the4 same page with me.

God Bless You!

Thank you, sweetie.

Blessings to you, too!

Thank you for switching - that takes commitment to RP

Just remember you can switch back - but I am certain you will join the Libertarian Party after this.

Can I ask you a question?

Can I ask you a question? ( I just did lol)ummm Ive heard that some libertarians think differently on the boarder, I believe people should be able to come and go, just as long as they don't get entitlements! Cuz I feel if welfare weren't around, nobody would really care about illegal immigrants. Idk what do you think?

juan maldonado

I think the explanation, if I

I think the explanation, if I can recall correctly, that Ron Paul said is a closed border can work to keep people out but it can also work to keep people in.
So my two tidbits is: keep the border open and work on ending the incentives for them to come here. Ending the entitlements you mention would be a good start.

Makes sense to me.

Makes sense to me.

juan maldonado

migrants: CAFTA NAFTA subsidies to farms...

...impoverished the poor in countries south of the border. The USA Globalization did this to them. We are responsible.

Why not export jobs to Honduras (where we have now 3 military bases) and not to China. Makes sense, does it?

Migrants who work here pay many forms of taxes - including the inflation one. They do not come to get welfare. They want jobs, not citizenship. When they left as they did last two years - fruits were rotting on the fields cause Americans or residents did not want the jobs.

My points made in Spanish here:


Ron Paul ... forever.

A lot of Mexicans man work on

A lot of Mexicans man work on the farm and they leave there wives to take care of the kids at home. Those woman are on welfare. How do I know this? I work at a little mom and pop store here in Cali and I see it first hand. Not every Mexican family, but a large majority are. So when you have illegal immigrants abusing the system and you got Americans abusing the system something needs to happen man! And fast...

juan maldonado

I think your missing my

I think your missing my point. Once we get rid of welfare it changes everything! Domestically and internationally! The economy will flourish, but the way we have it, we're telling People come have kids here, weather your born here or not and don't worry the American people will fit the bill. I'm so tired of that man! Once we get rid of entitlements, who cares who wants to come to this country? Farmers will be able and free to hire who ever they please... It's quite simple actually. Idk What do you think???

juan maldonado

I agree

,,, but to get there we must first get Ron Paul to the white house.

I alos knew people who with the going Al Norte dream. I assure you that not one of them did know about the welfare system here. For an average, say Honduran, it is as unimaginable as it can be.

As of 2012 we still have taxes. And - as long as we have taxes - i think the money should go to the "welfare", and not to the farmer subsidies or the war in Afghanistan, or further militarization of the war on drugs in Central America. This is the current reality.

Ron Paul ... forever.

What county are you in?

We have many Ron Paul supporters running for County Central Committee races. Depending on where you live, you may be able to vote for some of our supporters.

I live in Bakersfield

I live in Bakersfield California which is kern county.

juan maldonado

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I know how it feels.

I did it five years ago and never looked back.

Long live the cause for Liberty!!!


I also registered as a Republican a while back. I was previously a "Decline To State" voter, but I wanted to vote for RP, even if this thing IS just a beauty contest. I also signed up for Vote by Mail, so I voted last Friday ;)

I love it man! Your awesome.

I love it man! Your awesome. Ron Paul needs people like you. Make your vote count.

juan maldonado

Way to go Juan! I switched from D to R in 08 so

I could vote for the Doc back then. Best move I ever made...politically speaking.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Let's do it guys!!!

Let's do it guys!!!

juan maldonado

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Thank you, Blue Republican!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.