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Social Media Troll Campaigns Say Ron Paul Out of Race and Politics! Stop the Lies!

2 months ago they announced that Ron Paul had the most support on Twitter than any other candidate! Now there's a concentrated Troll effort on Twitter and FB to say that Ron Paul is out of the race and leaving politics!

How did this rumor start? Of course it was with Ron Paul's announcement that he was not going to campaign and spend money in the rest of primary states last week. Some people can't read an article fully however and ever since, the rumors began that he's out of the race and leaving politics!!

Even after his recent win of delegates in Minnesota, there are people that believe he has no chance of winning and are remarking, "I just don't want to support a sure loser" and ignorant comments that are similar. I've heard them myself in live situations with people.

It's time to go on the counter offense...let's see how many Tweets and FB comments we can make regarding the fact that Ron Paul is still a VIABLE and committed candidate.

I think his decision is wise financially, but probably not politically. Let's encourage people to support him in the remaining states. We can't risk the Ro'bomney alternatives!