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Peter Thiel

So I understand Peter Thiel is a supporter of Ron Paul, but his Wikipedia page says that he is a member of the Bilderburg Group. Thoughts on this?

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The lawlessness that is the bilderbers

is reason for a red flag on this person. I trust Ron Paul not to be swayed by this group. The jury is still out on theil.

A few reasons I'm not worried

A few reasons I'm not worried about it:

-Our entire platform revolves around the idea of taking power away from the federal government, which rules out the idea/possibility of him having an alterior motive of trying to "buy" influence over Dr. Paul or our movement.

-As Dr. Paul always states, we are all individuals, not to be judged by any group membership. Afterall, MOST in congress are corrupt and bought off, but there still exist honorable congressmen such as Amash and Paul. Who knows, maybe Thiel is our lone voice in Bilderberg.

-Dr. Paul is incorruptable and can not be bought.

Anyone who participates in an

Anyone who participates in an organization which is hell bent on pure and utter secrecy is suspect in my book.