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What about innocent Americans imprisoned under the GWOT?

Here is an American citizen, tortured and the results of the foreign torture are used in a US court to convict him. The fact of the torture is disallowed to be admitted as evidence. What have we become? I am ashamed as an American citizen. I am ashamed. Ron Paul needs to hear about this, maybe he or Rand Paul can right a travesty of justice.

Why does this injustice continue?

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I vote

that they get to pull the trap-door levers on the gallows for the politicians after the SHTF.

This is frightening...

So, after:

-A move to censor unwanted material on the web (SOPA)

-Indefinite detention (NDAA)

-The military setting up fake online personas in order to influence online debate and discussions.

-A bought-out mainstream media that's indirectly controlled by the government.

- And a move to lift the ban of using proproganda on U.S. citizens (passed the house last Friday)

We now have things like this to deal with? Hmmm, let's see. Censorship of the web. Gun control. The ability to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely without cause or trial. The ability to assassinate someone, even if they are a U.S. citizen, again without a trial. The right of the government to disseminate FALSE information as proproganda to U.S. citizens. The right of the military to influence online discussion and debates through fake personas. A mainstream media that is coming more and more under the control of the government.

My god, did they take their gameplan right out of Mein Kampf? Get the bonfires ready everyone, we'll be burning books next...

But in all seriousness, just take a look at the above list. Doesn't the combined powers that the government is accumulating scare you?


the injustice of the military industrial complex is mind boggling. Truth and justice are never divorced. Once you pervert one, you pervert the other. TRUTH