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Lyndon Larouche: America Is Now In The Greatest Crisis In It's History

Look,i don't really care what you think of Lyndon Larouche,you had better let that nonsense go,watch this video,and see the big picture.in this video he's going to tell you that Obama must be removed from office within the next 3 weeks or so or we are at extreme danger of nuclear war.he's also going to tell you that removing him is possible,and that some very good things will happen very rapidly when the world see Obama leaving.this can,and must be done for the good of our nation.these are Larouche's words.The russians don't want war.our military high brass have been opposing Obama at every turn and negociating with Russia stop this war,but the russians fear Obama will start a nuclear.Obama is preparing for one right now.This is not a joke,so i don't want to hear any.If somethig is done in the next few weeks to get Obama out of office,and Larouche hints that that may happen,we must somehow get Ron Paul elected.

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Trash, Pure Rubbish

England can't handle London or Dublin let alone plan the destruction of the world.

City of London Inc/ The Central Bankers One & the Same

Need more information? libertyforlife.com click on evil fed reserve start w the 2nd story - there's your links - history beginning 1776. The British Empire redcoats really didn't go away quietly. The queen owns BP. Her cousin Dutch Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands owns Dutch Royal Shell. Queen of England married Nazi German King George who couldn't even speak english. The reason for calling the Prince "Prince Harry" is so that you will not notice his last name. The Carlyle Group - James Baker, the Bush's, Queen Eliz get all the no bid conrracts. The jobs go to Germany. The British Empire(they think) is really England, Saudi Arabia, United States, and Isreal. You're the great whore of Babylon that's been used for ill gotten gains. Sadly, I'm not radical, but the truth is radical. Step one is understanding. God grant us the courage. All of this is from Alex Jones's radio program. He has some great youtubes on the royal family. God grant us the courage. side: on sspan Netanyahoo tells Obama: "You're the big satan, We're the little satan" (Barry visibly bristles) we are one and the same. We are together in this all the way (araphrasing).



I've watched him warn calamity since the 70's

It has become the boy that cried wolf. I don't buy it anymore.

Let's not pretend that Obama

Let's not pretend that Obama is the one great Satan, because he is absolutely no different than Bush. It's about establishment policies, not about the next status quo politician fraudulently elected to continue them. Romney would be no different. This plays into the false left right paradigm.

That being said, he has committed a number of impeachable offenses and should be removed from office.


Interesting profile you have. Very "troll-like."

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.



Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

Get this off of here.


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Want to kill the r3volution?

Link it to LaRouche. He's the kiss of death to being taken seriously by anyone.

Get this crap off of here

Larouche is the last person I'm going to listen to on anything

who are you?

to judge and decry anything from anyone here?

how about you just get off here. find some other place to pretend to control.

Yeah, Lyndon's Got...

Some really good videos...helluva website...lotsa young interns.
I enjoy the movies, except for his monologues...zzzzzzzzzzzzz..
If ya know what I mean.
Warned about financial collapse via newsletter even while in the penitentiary that Reagan got him into.
Railed against Bush..Junior and Senior...and now Obama.
He's got "sour grapes" as they say AND theories that are right up there with L.Ron Hubbard and Newton Gingrich...space travel,UFOs.
.........But DID YOU KNOW THIS:
He openly admitted to being a COMMUNIST
Then he called himself a LIBERTARIAN
..and when he was hangin' with Reagan...I think Reagan just wanted to keep an eye on him.....
Don't get sucked in..take the info that you can authenticate....
...throw the rest away (bad Intel).

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


Here is how you can help speed this process along - a little known bill called HRC 107 is circulating in congress RIGHT NOW. Call your congressman & hold his feet to the fire. There is a lot of great info here: http://www.infowars.com/obama-impeachment-bill-gaining-steam/

Maybe we can get RP in office sooner than we think?? Here is also the Tea Party website that has more info:

He's right about getting rid of obama

but He's wrong about not having a Presidential Qualifier.

PRESIDENT Ron Paul is what this country needs to restore the constitutional republic.

Was one of the First

Lyndon Larouche was the one who "woke me up" years and years ago. He was one of the first to try and shout out what was going on. Back then nobody knew about the CFR and other beginnings of the things going on, but Lyndon did, and was trying to alert everyone.

Well, he was raising to much of a commotion and drawing unwanted attention, so instead of putting him 6' under, they trumped up charges and sent him to prison for quite a few years.
Yes, he still has his take on everything, and no doubt correct about a lot of it.

Me too!

When I was in college, I used to love going down to the table on campus where they would hand out his paper & talk to other students about the issues. He's been around & knows what's going down...

Don't worry

the "Eurasian Land Bridge" will solve everything!

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Sarcasm noted,

BigT. :)

Im glad that somebody got it!

Sometimes it worries me that I'm getting too old, when I make these arcane references that turn out to be older than many of the people on this forum.


I thought he was dead & now I see he 90 and going strong

He looks great for 90.

Nope. He's still around.


Medvedev Hands Obama a Letter From Putin, at Camp David Summit

May 21, 2012 • 6:58AM

At a bilateral meeting with Barack Obama at the Camp David G8 summit, Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev gave Obama a letter which President Vladimir Putin sent him, and "that stipulates Russia's priorities in the foreign policy course." RIA Novosti reported on this, but provided no further details on the content of the letter.

Medvedev spoke briefly to the press after the bilat, and said that he had told Obama that his presence there, in lieu of Putin, was "a definite symbol of continuity in our foreign policies and continuity in the reset." He said most of their brief conversation, carried out on a park bench with only translators present, was about the so-called reset in relations between the two countries. He added that Russia was prepared for whatever the international economic crisis might bring, saying that Russia has a plan of action that had been tested in the last global crisis. "If necessary, we will put this plan into action... I will reiterate, however, I hope it will not come to this," he said