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Winning Delegates 3 At A Time - Last Chance E-Mail Campaign Updated

I have prepared a flyer (with help from SovereignJanice—thanks!) for California voters.

It's designed for California non-Republicans to forward to their Republican friends and family with an endorsement.

E-mail this to everyone you know in California, or anyone who knows anyone in California!


Many California voters probably think California is winner-take-all, but that's not true for the GOP. If, for example, Ron Paul were to get the most Republican votes in a congressional district, he would be able to name all three of that district's delegates to Tampa.

California voters also:

have heard, "Romney is the presumptive nominee";
have heard, "Ron Paul has dropped out";
will see Santorum and Gingrich listed on their ballots; and
may believe that we've made the presidential primary "open."

The flyer counters this misinformation and compares three remaining competitive candidates' policy positions. Sample of the flyer's comparison of candidates' foreign policy EXPERIENCE:

Barack Obama:
President of the USA.
Senator, 1/2 term.
Member, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Mitt Romney:
Salt Lake Organizing Committee, Olympic Winter Games

Ron Paul:
Air Force/Air National Guard flight surgeon stationed in Ethiopia, Iran, Pakistan, South Korea, and Turkey (1963 - 1968).
Congress Member, 12 terms.
Member, House Foreign Affairs Committee

It's at the bottom of this page: http://www.consequeries.com/California-voter-guide
scroll to the bottom to obtain the two .GIF files (pages 1 & 2) for insertion into e-mail messages for all your California contacts.

This flyer is of general interest to California voters, making it worthwhile for the recipients to forward to their interested friends.

We all benefit from voters knowing the candidates and their policies.

If we can get this flyer circulating, perhaps many thousands of voters--or more--will be better informed about the candidates still in the race for whom they can vote.

Feel free to use the flyer on your own, or as a handout.

It's at the bottom of this page: http://www.consequeries.com/California-voter-guide

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Flyer looks good!

Saw the paper flyer from the PennySaver this past week... Looks good, and I hope it gets some attention from Republican voters and even wakes some of them up to the possibilities. Thanx again for the good work, IMissLiberty!

Hey, Freedom! Can I get your autograph?

Updated - Not Too Late

It's too late for a mail campaign, but you can still e-mail California.

Search your family tree, your e-mail lists, blog posts, etc. for people in California to send this to.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

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Bonus coverage for Voter Guide flyer

Hey, some unexpected good news: When I placed my order for 10,983 homes, I found out that PennysaverUSA.com will also put the ad/flyer on line for the week before the primary! No extra charge.

Hey, Freedom! Can I get your autograph?

Last Chance for Mailing California

This flyer is ready to go! They gave us more time because the artwork has been approved and is ready to go.

More circulation, at only approximately $357 for 10,000 households, all in: total cost for printing, postage, delivery, etc.

All you have to do is call and pay to have it sent to which ever congressional districts efforts you'd like to support.

Or, pick an area where there are media-types, such as around Sactramento, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, and make an impact.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Drat this recession!

I wish I could've also supported the activists in L.A. since they're working so hard. Maybe someone could send to UCLA or Orange County areas...and maybe Dr. Paul will get 3 more delegates!

Hey, Freedom! Can I get your autograph?

GREAT NEWS! "Deadline" Extended to Wednesday 5 pm

I just placed my order, and another DailyPauler contacted me to place an order, too:

The good news is, Pennysaver's "art" deadline has been met, they have the ad copy, and they can add more circulation if you get your order in today (Wednesday)!

If you want to run this flyer to at least 10,000 households (for about $400), you can call this number and extension and leave a message:

Kelly Sommers
Account Executive
Harte-Hanks Inc./Pennysaverusa.com
PHONE: 760-599-1551 OR 1-800-995-3333 (EXT. 51551)
FAX: 760-598-1345 (ATTN: KELLY)

Tell her you want to send out the "California Voter Guide" -- leave word and she'll call you back.

Again, it's not "express advocacy," so you can pool funds if you like and no FEC reporting.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Placing the Order Now

I'm placing an order right now for the Pennysaver mailing. Looks like it will go to 10,000 households.

If anyone wants to contribute for another 10,000 (at $357) let me know ASAP as I can probably add on for another few minutes.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/



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For Liberty!

Cool idea!

Your flyer with candidate comparisons is kind of startling. I could chip in something, to help get it out. Do I need to pick a congressional district? If so, how? Help, please.


Hey, Freedom! Can I get your autograph?

Yes, Where to Start?

You could pick a congressional district where someone is running and you want to help get out the vote, like this one:


Westwood area is interesting because it's the home of the UCLA campus, but the area around it is "Beverly Hills adjacent" and quite wealthy. Also many of the people work in the media, so you could arouse curiosity about the race.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Choices, choices

Hm... It’d be cool to get one in my own mailbox. Do you or anyone here know where I can find out how my congressional district voted last time? Thanks!

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California was redistricted since last time so the boundaries and data don't match.

I say, pick somewhere you think has lots of Republicans if those are the ones you want to get out to vote.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Ordered my flyers!

Just placed an order for a zone in the east bay area. Thanks, IMissLiberty!

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