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My tax Idea

When we repeal the income tax amendment we will need to replace it with something (I know what you are shouting at your screen; First slash spending!!!! well I am taking that as a given on this site).

My Idea is to replace all federal taxation with a cash-flow tax on State Government Treasuries.

Low tax/spending states would be rewarded and unlike a sales tax businesses would not be burdened with compliance costs on a federal level.

Of course the Constitutional Amendment to implement my plan would have to disallow any deductions/credits etc. so your congresscritters couldn't try to manipulate State policy.

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No more IRS!

They have no basis in law to operate within the several (50) states. Their federal judges and tax court flunkies commit crimes against law abiding Americans every day throwing some in prison and robbing most of their livelihood, The DOJ & IRS have no lawful right to tax an American Citizen who trades his/her labor for money yet that is exactly what they do through criminal manipulation of the courts.
These institutions don't need replacing just abolishing outright and criminal prosecution for those involved in stealing Americans' property & freedom under color of law i.e. fraud! extortion! get the picture. For those who want ideas on how to fund government well here is a good one www.cafr1.com read about tax retirement as a concept that is doable. God save the Republic.

It's not "first slash spending"

It is ONLY slash spending.

There is absolutely no reason to replace the Income Tax/IRS with anything.

Please Note

Please note I said replace All Federal taxation.

The very first sentence you wrote shows you didn't say that.

"When we repeal the income tax amendment we will need to replace it with something"

What part of that does NOT say we need to replace the income tax with something?

Yes, AFTER that you propose to get rid of all federal taxation and replace THAT with your idea, but the VERY first sentence contains the FALSE presumption that we need to replace the INCOME tax with something.

NO - WE - DO - NOT!!

Now, if you want to discuss the merits (or lack thereof) of your idea, we can engage in that. However, there is zero point of even discussing taxation if there is first not an adherence to the limitations in Article I § 8 on spending.

I'll go with what Ron says

He says to get rid of the income tax and replace it with....NOTHING!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

please note

Please note that I said replace all Federal Taxation.