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The Colorado conventions. Includes evidence of Romney campaign fraud and passion from Liberty lovers in CO.

The below link has an accouting of a county convention and the state conventions in CO.


I was also a delegate to the state convention so I can attest to the validity of these events. I also have copies of the same fraud Romney slates that are shown on this site.

A few fun facts about the convention were that every Ron Paul delegate vying to be a national delegate that spoke got wild cheers while NO Romney delegates got any cheers. There was a Ron Paul supporter that pulled out a machete as part of his speech. He looked Malaysian or Hawaiin and I thought it was pretty badass. The Log Cabin republican speaker got heavily booed by Romney people. Ron Paul people were everywhere and very energized. The Ron Paul booth was right next to the Romney booth. We had a long line to our booth while there were only a few people at the Romney booth. I also saw a beautiful Ron Paul volunteer girl that I didn't have the courage to talk to. I have the courage to stand up to the biggest criminals in the world but this girl was way more powerful to me than them.

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Very nice. There is also

Very nice. There is also trouble brewing in AR. My district chair was called by the RNC and was told there were RP delegates here and he had to get rid of them. He told them he was having NO part of that. The delegates were duly elected and he would not change it. PLUS, he told me that if anyone started shenanigans with any of us, we should come to HIM, because he would stop it in its tracks! I am pretty sure he is for Romney, but guess what? I do not know because he is UNBIASED and always (so far) fair to everyone.

Good write-up!