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Banner Bomb Anyone?

"Nationally, * AAA estimates that 34.8 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more Memorial Day weekend *, an increase of 1.2 percent over last year. AAA Mid-Atlantic won't release its Maryland projections until Tuesday, but over the last five years the average has been 700,000 travelers."

Yeppers! - you read that right. Over 10% of the population will be on the road next weekend. opportunities like this don't come often. So how about groups across the country pick up a roll or three of TYVEK, a case of spray paint and some stencil stuff, and order pizza for a evening or two of fun and group bonding this week?

A few thoughts: The states we really need to plaster are the ones with upcoming primaries, but doing it in every state would be best.

For best variety, make um early and trade via mail so different banners saying different things will be exposed to the population.

At this stage in the game, we aren't after name recognition or for the most part getting people to vote for RP, rather, we could push liberty messages - and remember that a lot of beltways will be parking lots for a good portion of Friday and Monday, so thing like founder quotes that people need to think about are not out of the question.

What other kind of messages - chime in with your ideas peeps!

The attack banner:
Romney - the architect of obamacare
A Romney nomination is a obama win
The media is lying about RP - he's still in the race.

The real delegate count: Paul xxx, Romney xxx, Grinch: xxx, santa xxx AP lies!

NDAA authorized indefinite detention of Americans - Thank Congress

listing of bill of rights - with VOID stamped over the appropriate articles.

States Ron Paul has won: UT, CO, ... Didn't know that - did you? (by delegate count)

We want our country back! Ron Paul!

America - we miss you! Please come back! Ron Paul 4 Prez

It's 11:50 - do you know where your civil liberties are?

Do you know where your civil liberties went?

Got Gas? Milk? a Job? Elect Ron Paul

How about doing a bohemian shave with banners? One per overpass with really big letters. Given a beltway, we could do a circular bohemian shave:


so say they got on at the first PAUL, and left a few exits down they would get: PAUL ELECT RON - any sign could be the initial one because it's a circle.

There are something like 49 beltways in this country and the highway system is roughly 7 up and 5 across so 35 places where major highways intersect. These would be good places to plaster with banners.

Maybe we could even have a contest - have different groups submit a picture of the banners they made and vote on a winner, then do a chipin for a prize or maybe one of the RP swag dealers would be willing to donate T's to the winning team(s) or something.

Banners should be up before 7am on friday and most will probably survive the weekend because the cops are going to be swamped. Still, it might be wise to hold back on some and put them up sunday might. People are more likely to look stuff up after the holiday, so it would be good to put it freshly in their minds.

Any other thoughts or comments?

How about banner slogans?

Any groups up for banner trades?


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more examples

California is RON PAUL Country!! Vote June 5!

RON PAUL is still in it to win it!! Media blackout as usual.

Obamney 2012 - brought to you buy WALL STREET