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Can you believe Romney's people haven't noticed this?

Despite the fact that Tim Pawlenty has officially endorsed Mitt Romney, www.obamney.com still forwards to www.timpawlenty.com. (as of May 21st, 8:45 PM EST)

It's amazing how low Republican standards have dipped; they're actually trying to replace the most liberal president in our nation's history with the most liberal republican in the party's history.

Lets get this on Drudge and see how long it takes TPaw to fix it.

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Who says they haven't noticed

Who says they haven't noticed it?

They just don't care because 1. they can't do anything about it. and 2. It only makes YOU look bad (you collectively) not him.

Having immature children mock you doesn't actually hurt your image.

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Just a thought

I could forward my website to Tim Pawlenty too, and he would not have control over it that I am aware of.