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Pick the VP

Anyone noticed the pick the VP ads here and a few pther sites? Is it just me or do they make you a little angry when you see them too? Smug looking Mitt turns my stomach. It also makes me angry because it's just one more bs brain washing tool so more people will think he is already the nominee. Boy I sure hope we really do send a shockwave thru the nation in august. Wake up anyone who is still sleeping!

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So you are saying they should

So you are saying they should wait 8 days until he has clinched it?

You know it costs them money

You know it costs them money every time you click one of them? So don't do it...it wouldn't be nice

In any case, places like google only acknowledge 1-2 clicks per add, per day...otherwise they deem it click fraud. So if every Paul supporter clicked every (different) add they could find once a day (I saw 8 different ones today) it would only cost the Romney people between $8-40 per person per day... (x100,000 people = $800,000-$4,000,000 a day)

In other words, DON'T do it!!!! Unless you REALLY want to research and see what Mr. Romney's all about, that is ;-)

You are SEVERELY ignorant on

You are SEVERELY ignorant on the numbers of how much it costs per click. And on Google's click fraud determination.

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This troll is...

...back and full of horse-excrement as usual.

Why waste your time TROLL?