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Bono Smugly Declares 'We Need More Aid' And Only The 'Brain-Dead' Disagree (VIDEO)

Bono Smugly Declares 'We Need More Aid' And Only The 'Brain-Dead' Disagree (VIDEO) http://t.co/QCxkPe5f

The Daily Caller reports that Friday afternoon at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Food and Global Agriculture (mouthful!) symposium, U2 singer and humanitarian Bono declared that even though “we are broke,” we need to increase foreign aid budgets. And to those who disagree? Well, Bono says you’re all “brain-dead, heart-dead ideologues or controversialists.”

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half right and dead wrong

Bono originally put his finger on a serious problem which needs to be resolved, that of debt.

His "solution" is to require average income people in so-called "more prosperous" nations to pay.

Thus, he's part of the problem and he doesn't even know it.

He's not a threat to any of the people making bucks off the indebtedness; indeed, the Bono prescription amounts to ensuring continued redistribution of wealth from the many into the hands of the debt hustlers.

That's who supports Bono, the debt hustlers.

And that ought to give him all the information he needs to understand he's on the wrong side.

He's brain-dead.

Show the idiot this perhaps

and bring crayons so you can write and explanation out that he'll be able to understand.


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Stick to singing

socialist swine! Although, I think you suck at that as well, but I guess someone buys your music.

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U 2, Bono?


Cut a check....

.....Boner. Nobody's stopping you.