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Video Message from Ron Paul on Continuing the Delegate Strategy

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I just have to add....

...that the FACT that Ron Paul admitted he was not in it to win in 2008 (to Penny Langford-Freeman and others) raises a tad bit more suspicion about whether or not he was ever in it to win it in 2012, especially given that the "can't win" themes coming from Benton, et al, came JUST AFTER THE ZENITH OF THE CAMPAIGN SUCCESSES, culminating with the state conventions in AZ and OK.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

RE: I just have to add...

The only thing that troubles me is that it would be so easy for the Doctor to insert casually into one of his speeches that he is seeking the nomination, and although people keep asking him to do it, he keeps not doing it.

Additionally, check this interview at 6 minutes:


If you want to know why many

If you want to know why many of us think we should go full-out to try to get the nomination and presidency for Dr. Paul rather than playing around with platforms and GOP takeover fantasies, read this:



I've asked others before, it will be nice to have good platforms, but how will they protect us from the already present NDAA?

The DP New Definition of "Troll"

Troll: A person who believes the primary goal of the Ron Paul for President campaign should be to gain the GOP presidential nomination for Dr. Paul, then get him elected as president.

In order to qualify as a non-troll, you have to agree with Jesse Benton and Doug Wead that the nomination contest is lost, and that that the campaign should only be continued in order to gain a voice in the platform and secure some GOP positions for Ron Paul supporters.

Funny comment, and you dead right.

trolls are those that think what all wead and co says and does is so cool and divine and that it would be sinful to say a word against it.


AJNOCK : Please Delete This Post.....This is Just Plain Wrong!

AJNOCK : Please, no good can come of this.. Please reconsider and delete..

Thank you..



work wonders, "E." That's how Ron Paul does it. He explainst ideas.

Emalvini: on what grounds should I

delete it? If you can show me how it is doing harm I will delete it instantly, but I have to have more than your request, although it certainly seems sincere. It seems naive to me to believe that an effort is being made to take the Romneyites off their guard by seeming to give up and then suddenly unpledging all the delegates. We have been discussing that publicly for months, and the Romney strategist can't possibly be out of it to the extent that they would be surprised if this happened. I have searched and searched my imagination and cannot find any possible reason it would be harmful for the Doctor, or one of his inner ring, to assure us that the nomination is still the primary goal of the campaign. Do you want me to send you a private email address so you can explain it to me privately?

If you want to be devisive and negative

Go somewhere else. What is your negativity and assumptive nature doing to help the cause? Absolutely nothing.

Would you rather Ron Paul call you personally and tell you that he is still running for president to make you feel better? Sack up, you're not helping by seeing negatives at every turn. Ron Paul is still campaigning - and if you can't see that then you're blind. He just said he believes the delegate process is working. What else could that mean?

I just don't understand people like you. What are you honestly hoping to accomplish?


people like AJNock like explanations. It's, as far as I can tell, how Ron Paul works too.

GiveMeLibertyOr: Yes, it is extremely negative and divisive to

want to win the presidential campaign. A positive person would want to give up and try to get an "end the fed" plank into the platform or get a county chairmanship for a Ron Paul supporter as a consolation prize.
It isn't negative or divisive at all to call shout bad names against your fellow Ron Paul supporters who would prefer to emphasize gaining the presidency for Ron Paul.

Do you notice that I haven't called you any names here? Why do you think that is? This line of thought might lead to better relations with your fellow human beings.

Yeah, yeah

You totally have the moral high ground here, and nothing I say bears any relevance.

The holier than thou act is a thin way to win an argument. My point was, and remains, that your comment does nothing to further anything except you own contemptuous thoughts. For someone so quick to ignore a possibly because it hasn't been explained in full you sure seem to be even quicker to assume the opposite is true and correct - even though they've never come out and said that either. Its just a poor attempt at reading through the lines. Continue to bicker, however, some of us have more important things to be doing.

RE: Yeah, yeah

Boy, you sure nailed me, all right. Wanting to give priority to winning the presidency in a presidential campaign! That's pretty contemptuous! Holier than thou, too! Well, anyway, glad to hear you have better things to do than bicker.


I'm trying not to laugh at your reply, AJNock. Yes, I suppose some people think that there are higher things to do!! Get Paul elected means holier than thou.haha

Still the BOSS!

Dr Paul is staying the course.

Re: Still the BOSS!

This video is good, but it lacks what many of us really need, which is an assurance that Dr. Paul believes the nomination is at least theoretically attainable, and that he intends to strive for it.

Are you a sunshine patriot?

Attainable or not Dr Paul is keeping up the pressure.


I have found that people on the DP like to bully in order to explain their ideas. It seems rather passive-aggressive to insinuate AJNock is not a patriot. Patriots, as far as I understand, like transparency and non-confusing statements.

Scdecade: Yes, I am a sunshine patriot, under the new Daily Paul

definition of sunshine patriot, which is "person who doesn't want to give up and sticks to the original cause." Under your definition, the soldiers who spent the winter at Valley Forge were sunshine patriots, and the good guys were the ones who gave up and went home, or tried to get a consolation deal from the Brits.

So then I guess we're agreeing

Stick to the original cause.

They're keeping poor Dr. Paul

They're keeping poor Dr. Paul locked in a basement! It's a trap!

Hey I clear this up for you all.

I shot this video like 7:30ish am on Saturday. This is after about 50 minutes of pictures with more then 600 people. I am sure he was up at around 4:30am or 5am to be ready for the picture line after we kept him up late at night now that being said. I am not sure what you are seeing I was within 10 feet of him for hours with a room full of people and without them just the insiders which I am still clueless as to how I got up there. ( It was because I was streaming that they let me into HQ tip for rest of you who might want to try it) But back to the point he was FULL of happiness and energy when ever I see him in public and behind the scenes.

He is in it to WIN IT I never heard anything other then that. He has more goals then just winning and I think that is where a lot are getting confused. He also wants the movement to get KEY local places in the leadership to make sure the movement stay LONG after he is gone in 8 years from the whitehouse:)

I never write more then 2 lines of type and I do not shot video as you might of been able to tell from watching it.
P.S. this video here someone added a intro wipe to:)

Life is great with Isagenix

You have no arguments or evidence to back up your comments.

Just more denial and fear of knowing the truth that you have been misled, but believe worship of paul's handlers is necessary because you don't feel you can stand on your own two feet and be independent. So lies let you kick the can down the road to a bigger disaster at the end, which is nearing.


wtf? You aren't on

wtf? You aren't on Romneycentral, and trolling gets you nowhere. Or are you one of those obama-messiah people? Either way, your post will hold zero weight.

Hey Buddy! Cut the crap I was their when it happen... This

guy is no troll. Dr. Paul was taking pictures at 6:30 AM for all 1500 people that wanted pictures. Dailypaul took this video from one of his other posts as this is the gentleman that did the Live feed.

and that is why i do not

and that is why i do not write more then 1 line of text.... Nothing is clear when i write it out. Northstar I think we should pizza bomb are selfs or each other:)

Life is great with Isagenix

Lol... I never did get my pizza that weekend, but I did

have a nice burger over at the GreenMill. Let me know if they have a party at Yager's.

What exactly does he mean by "accomplish a whole lot" ?

Did he say let's go to Tampa and maybe even win this nomination? No. He said let's accomplish a whole lot. He didn't even wink to signal to us that "a whole lot" was code words for winning the nomination.

I trust Ron Paul to say exactly what he means and he seems to refuse now to state clearly his intention of winning the nomination. Instead, he seems to be changing the definition of "winning" to long range goals instead of what many assume to be winning, as in the nomination.

I was really hoping that this video was going to show him being crystal clear about "winning". Sorry, but I'm still waiting for clarity from the horse's mouth.

Tim Maitski
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I want

him to win the nomination, but if this is merely a protest of sorts now, I will protest, but I'm disappointed if he's not really running. I already took down my Paul for president sign.