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Please stop with the Ron Paul attacks and Gary Johnson "Endorsments" Please!

Look, I understand these past few weeks have been utter confusion and it's ticking some people off. But please stop with attacking Ron Paul! And please stop with attacking Jesse Benton. Ron Paul selected Benton to run his campaign, so when you attack him, you are indirectly attacking Ron Paul. You are essentially saying, "Ron has all the right ideas and he's been consistent for over 30 years...but I'm not sure he can pick the right people for his cabinet". THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

I for the time being, believe Jesse sent this email out for a specific reason...a sort of throw some bait out to the media and catch them at their own game. But, I can't be certain...nobody besides those very close to Benton knows the true intention of the email.

With that said, for some of those still a bit confused on here RON PAUL HAS NOT DROPPED OUT!!!!! He has only stopped spending money on primaries that are coming up and has instead focused his attention on the Delegate process. He has stopped spending money on the beauty contest and is instead putting his money toward gaining as many delegates as possible to go to Tampa. If you ask me, that's pretty brilliant.

Finally, since Ron Paul has not dropped out, I please ask that you stop making articles about trying to vote for Gary Johnson. Yes Johnson is a very good man, and I assume that if Ron wasn't running, Johnson would have the "Paulbots" on his side. But Ron Paul IS STILL RUNNING! And when you come on to the dailypaul (which is now one of the most highly visited political website in the world) and try to promote another Presidential candidate, regardless of his beliefs and ideas, it makes us look...well unsure of the Doctor.

Thank you!

*When I refer to "you", I am referring to all previous and most likely future posts and comments bashing Benton, or Paul, or promoting Gary Johnson
*I know some of these posts bashing Ron, and Benton, or promoting Gary are trolls trying to dismantle the movement. I'd like to take the famous Anonymous motto...trolls, "we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us"

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We are on the same side

Wow, surprised at the number of people against Johnson and people who wouldn't vote for him if Paul was out. People we are all on the same team! I'm a big supporter of Johnson and work actively trying to promote him but of course I voted for Paul in the GOP primaries and I would also vote for him in the election because he would have the best chance of winning. I still support Paul and that won't change even if he does drop out. But if Paul is not on the ticket obviously I'm voting for Johnson and I don't understand any Paul supporters that would not vote for Johnson IF he was the only option on a Obama, Romney, Johnson ticket. Both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson talk about the message and that is what it is about people, the message. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are just messengers and it is our duty to support whoever is providing that message of Liberty and Freedom. Go Ron Paul! Go Gary Johnson!

Lew Rockwell: Brilliant New Video from Gary Johnson Campaign

Lew Rockwell said it was a brilliant new video from the Gary Johnson campaign: http://www.lewrockwell.com/politicaltheatre/2012/05/brillian...

Republicans are Thelma. The Democrats are Louise. Together they are taking our nation over a cliff. We have a President and a majority in Congress who insist on endless war. But a majority of Americans are insisting on Peace. As our President, Gary Johnson will end the wars and bring our men and women home -- where we will rebuild and renew our broken nation together. We the People will have PEACE. Demand it. Donate to it. Elect it. Protect it. The fight for our liberty never ends.

At the very end of the video watch the lightning strike at the White House very closely. A shout-out to Ron Paul. That is a nice touch.


makes me laugh when people think 'nice touch'

it's no such thing. It's a play for your vote should Paul not win the nomination.

total political propaganda

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Bizarrely enough -

I haven't seen many campaign attack threads or Benton threads in a couple days, and I moderate here...

So why bring it all back up?

Stop with the Deviceness.

I don't remember ever seeing a thread on this site recommending Gary Johnson over Ron Paul. Gary Johnson has recommeded that Republicans should vote for RP and GJ has said that he will step down as LP candidate if RP is nominated by the GOP.

We Libertarians are promoting GJ as the "Plan B" which is much better than wasting your vote by staying home or writing in RP(80% invalid). RP is not running as an independent. He is giving us our best shot at the Presidency.

I realize this site is named "Daily Paul" and not "Daily Liberty", but I wish it were at least named "Daily Ron Paul" to limit it to the great freedom fighter because so many have already annointed Rand as the royal bloodline successor to the liberty movement.


..and while we're on that subject...You just had to throw that "hip-check" at Rand, didn't you?
You wish this..you wish that...sheesh!
If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride for free....
So stop giving "Gary You-know-who" a free "ride" at the expense of someone else ...meaning us!
And pick up a dictionary before you get on the soapbox DUDE!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Gary Johnson is magically better than Rand

even though Johnson supports Gitmo and Rand does not. That is one of several issues that matter to me that Johnson supports.

I love the cheap shots at Rand though. It shows how desperate the trolls really are. Also, the DP has a spell check that, in conjunction with Google, helps spelling errors.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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I have never bashed Paul or

I have never bashed Paul or Jesse, and have never created a post trying to convince people to vote for Johnson. I have merely defended Johnson when others on this board tried to bash him. But I agree with this post overall.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Paul has about 5 mill

for the campaign. Is it going to cost 5 mil. to make one stop in CA or Texas at a campaign rally? This last weekend he stopped and made a speech in Minnesota. A trip to Vermont or some other state the next day would have been good.
I'd love to see Paul pull a Bobby Kennedy on ole Mitt in California. Just not with the end result may I add.
There are some huge states left. NJ, KY, OR, TX, CA, SD, MT, NM... Heck of a lot of delegates in those states.
Just saying.

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Agree with OP, and besides

Agree with OP, and besides Johnson supports "Humanitarian" wars. http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2012/04/has-libertarian...

Ron Paul or none at all. It's

Ron Paul or none at all. It's time we hold true to that.

The Revolution Continues..

this is why we get a bad

this is why we get a bad name, because of pie-in-the-sky utopians like you. Look, I want to do everything I can to get Ron Paul the nomination, but if he doesn't get it I'm sure as hell going to endorse another candidate who fights for liberty.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Thank you

Try not to take it personally when you get voted down. Way too many people here forget this whole liberty-movement is about fighting for the IDEALS of Ron Paul, not just the man himself.

But Gary Johnson does not embrace the ideals of Ron Paul.

He is pro-abortion, interventionist, non-Constitutionalist, pro Federal Reserve and not a philosophical libertarian. He is a pragmatic successful businessman who knows how to cut costs...much like Ross Perot. He would be a poor President at this time in history, no better than Romney or Obama.

Only Ron Paul fits the bill I am afraid. He was called into politics for a time such as this.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Hash, hookers and hustler libertarians

I have always found to be hypocrites who care not of the leviathan government, but only want the government to validate their libertine lifestyles. I would not vote for Johnson for it would go against my beliefs. Sorry, this is a road I cannot go down. It is also a farce that the Libertarian Party even nominated him.

May the LORD bless you and keep you
May the LORD make His face shed light upon you and be gracious unto you
May the LORD lift up His face unto you and give you peace
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Let's unite to Ron Paul's campaign and rEVOLution

Did you know that Ron Paul is still running to win the GOP nomination?

Seems to me you've given up on Ron Paul as yesterday's toast and you're looking to GJ. Admit it.

While you have every right and previledge, and support by some to do that on Daily Paul, what you don't have is the heart, mind, and guts of all the Ron Paul Republicans who have worked very hard, and continue to work hard, to earn Ron Paul the GOP nomination.

Why not try uniting with us, rather than showing us your support for GJ, and inviting us to join you, when Ron Paul is still running?

I'm still working here in CA, I have weeks to go of posting new signs, talking, passing out issue cards and Super Brochures to groups, and individuals, to hear Ron Paul's message of Freedom and Restoring America.

I'm here on Daily Paul looking for inspiration and support for my candidate, who I joined the Republican Party for, I petitioned for a seat on the Republican Central Committee, and I got it.. I'm not ready to give up on Ron Paul. I'm sorry you have.

Please try to excuse me for my not being prepared to drop Ron Paul, or put him on a back burner for GJ. That is the truth.

The first party I ever joined was the LP, in 1976, under the influence of NORML ads in Playboy magazine. I'm done with the LP, like Ron Paul, and many of us who "been there/ done that". I'm not interested in voting for a Republican dressed in Libertarian rote. I am interested in occupying the GOP.

When this election cycle is done, I will never have another opportunity to put Ron Paul on the ballot if we don't win the nomination. So out of respect for all the time, work, money and effort I've dedicated to Ron Paul, his campaign, and the rEVOLution, could you, would you mind, putting GJ on the backburner, at least until Ron Paul guits or wins while on the Daily Paul?

I'm not ready to unite with you to GJ. I suggest you unite with me and Ron Paul, or make that Daily GJ web site so I have a place to unite with you both... for now, my heart is with Ron Paul. Can you respect that and stop posting about GJ?

If this were truly about

If this were truly about ideals and not people, you wouldn't be going around showing off that chip on your shoulder.

Exactly. Gary Johnson is in the wrong party for us to endorse

him. Let's get Uncle Ron in first. Let's take the GOP. That's where the clout will be. When we get Ron in then is the time to put Johnson's talents to work. We like him, but get off it. It's off focus and it's a distraction.

When you marry into the family

You get to be in places you normally wouldn't get selected for. Ron Paul is a great man all the way around but you can't say you've never seen someone get a position way over their heads because they were family. I think Ron is doing good despite Benton. Running a senate campaign for someone that happens to have more central thinking than Ron is a different ball game. I don't think Benton understands politics outside of the normal race. There are far more people scrutinizing him because of the grass roots. He has failed to realize that the grass roots are the driving force. He has tried to control the uncontrollable and we are winning precisely because we can't be controlled. We do need direction on what can help but not on what to do. His biggest mistake was calling off the primaries public ally prior to Texas and California, not to mention days before a money bomb. Love Ron Paul think he did what any family patriarch would do. Just think it hurt him this time. Jesse wants a career as a political advisor more than he wants Ron Paul to win.

The liberty movement is not about one man...

...we should be pro Ron Paul


we should be pro Gary Johnson


we should be pro any honest candidate who is fighting for liberty

THIS is Paul's time, but Johnson is an ally not an enemy, and his time will come

This site is about one man

& his supporters. If you want to talk about another politician GO TO HIS SITE!!

Do we talk about Justin

Do we talk about Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, John Dennis, Adam Kokesh and other politicians on this website?

Last time I checked, we do.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

None of those folks are

None of those folks are running for President. Ergo, they don't challenge the glory of Ron Paul!

people here talk about

Rand Paul running for President. And, Rand Paul is no Ron Paul either.

I agree. If it weren't for

I agree. If it weren't for the guidance of Ron Paul, we wouldn't be so open-minded and concerned about our liberties.

So no posting about other candidates here. Go someplace else, please!

Whoever is voting down jslater

should be ashamed of themselves. He is not saying "Elect Johnson!!!" - he's merely stating that Johnson is a friend of the movement. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a biased piece of shit who should realize they may not have transitioned to the open-mindedness that is required by true liberty.

"We should be pro Gary

"We should be pro Gary Johnson"

That's all you need to read, right there. His appeal is implicit.

Gary Johnson, and all who support his AstroTurf politics, does not deserve to be considered a "friend of the movement".

Ron Paul or none at all.

Did you even look at his account?

Out of all his recent posts/threads this is the only one related to Gary.

Implicit my ass. You're biased.

We can agree on one thing: Nobody but Paul.

You're biased. See? I can

You're biased.

See? I can call people names, too!

Does your name calling have any merit?

Nope. Calling me biased is a laugh. Reminds me of a time I was accused of being intolerant to intolerance. You're biased because you'd disrespect another Paul supporter for saying what Ron Paul has said all along: This movement is bigger than RP. By saying this does it mean we don't support his campaign to become President? No.

So what's with all the negativity for a fellow freedom-lover? (Johnson)

Do you think his election is a threat to Ron Paul? Fat chance...he's got a fraction of the supporters RP has. So what's with the bad attitude?

When RP is not President (either after his 2nd term as President or after his doesn't get the nomination) are we just going to lay down and die? Or are we going to rise up as a group of people and throw down the establishment?

If you're goal is solely to get RP into the presidency then we have lost already because Dr. Paul is not immortal and when he's gone, we will have to carry on his legacy.