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I had a Dream

During the night last night (Sunday May 20) I had a short but powerful dream about Ron Paul.

I'm not sure what state I was in or if Ron was even running for President still, but in this dream I was in the middle of a massive crowd (over 20,000 easily) that was outside in a huge field. I look towards the stage to see it is Ron Paul speaking. As my ears and eyes focus on what he is saying, I catch him essentially screaming to the audience,
"what has become of America? Why is that those who speak about respecting and following the constitution are lone wolfs? Why is it such a dangerous thing today to suggest we should follow the laws written by our founding fathers??? It should be the opposite! It should be that those that talk about expanding the government, of bypassing the laws of the Constitution should be the lone wolfs who's ideas are viewed as dangerous!"

The crowd erupted in a deafening cheer and I faded out of the dream. I really don't know how to interpret dreams or if they even mean anything...but nonetheless it was freaking awesome!

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"be the ball"

. . .liberty movement.

YOU are the decider. Just 211 short days until / ?



na na na na naaaaaaa


Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

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Having dreams...

...every morning about Ron Paul.

Keep getting the word redundant.

Over and over...keep doing it over and over.

Highlighting Ron Paul's past accomplishments and unchanged platforms. He needs to be known for his record. Refresh the page.


Probably because you will be...

...at a place where Paul will be speaking to 20,000!

Paul Fest

I plan on going down to Paul Fest...who knows, maybe the good Dr. will make a surprise speech :)

Corey Stoffer-Vice Chairman Young Americans for Liberty Nebraska


I too have had several dreams involving Ron Paul. You know you believe in your candidate when you're explaining and defending his positions to people in your own dreams. :)

Also Dreamt

I had a dream I was watching US infantry run onto a battlefield and President Paul's voice was being broadcast to them. It was a few weeks back, wish I had written it down.

Yesterday I had an erotic

Yesterday I had an erotic dream involving myself and Ron Paul. Suffice to say that we created a more perfect union together.

What a sleazy trashy comment.

What a sleazy trashy comment.

Relax, bro. Sheesh.

Relax, bro. Sheesh.

The American Dream..

trouble is you have to be asleep to live it.

So lets do something about that folks..delegates & donations.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

That's interesting...

I, too, have had a couple of Ron Paul dreams lately. I chalked mine up to our state convention coming up. In one, I was caught in an RV park, and kept telling everyone I had to get back because I was a delegate and I had to do my duty and vote for Ron Paul and liberty - they kept telling me, "ah, it's okay, you don't have to go."

The other dream I was in a barn and was wearing a pin that identified me to other Ron Paul supporters (only I was alone in the barn) - the inscription on the pin said "Restore Our Nation". Later I realized the acronym was RON!

It bothers me that I seemed to be alone in my support for the good doctor. Maybe, it's because I do feel alone in my county...all the other liberty supporters were shut out.

Love that acronym!..Make a

Love that acronym!..Make a cool t shirt R O N 2012, then estore, ur, and ation vertically underneath,,love it

Good idea! Love it!

Good idea! Love it!