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Delegate Discussion With Parliamentarian Dr. Steve Parent Wednesday On Ronpaulradio.Com 3 Pm Est & 6 Pm On Ronpaultribune.Com

Join host Paco Elijah on Wednesday (5/23/2012) on http://www.RonPaulRadio.com at 3 PM EST and tell others who are going to become delegates, who are interested in becoming delegates, and others who want to better learn the process for the upcoming conventions. Parliamentarian Dr. Steve Parent will be discussing in detail the process of 'general' (non-state specific, overall process) of the delegate process and Roberts Rules (http://robertsrules.org/). Please check your specific states bylaws (make sure it is up to date and correct) because Dr. Parent may not be able to answer all state specific questions, but it is important to know your states bylaws. Feel free to ask questions that pertain to what is mentioned above. Be sure to check out Parliamentarian Dr. Steve Parent three hours later at 6 PM EST on RonPaulTribune.com in the 'Voice Chat Room':


Visit the official website of Parliamentarian Dr. Steve Parent: http://delegatetraining.com/

This is a great tool to use to get this much needed information and we encourage everyone who wants to learn more about the process to take part. Please share this event with others and up vote, as well as comment, to help us spread the word. Thank you!

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www.RonPaulRadio.com with Paco Elijah and be sure to check Parliamentary Dr. Steve Parent. Also at 6 PM EST Dr. Steve Parent will also be at www.RonPaulTribune.com to answer questions and help with learning the delegate process and questions about Roberts Rules. http://www.RobertsRules.org

The boy has been busy!

This may be why he has not emailed me back. Lol. I owe you one back my friend, Just read it today. Sorry, Great work!

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I recall Steve (SGP) was his screen identity at the time......

was one of the first if not the first individual(s) to provide information about the delegate process back in 2007-8. And I personally valued the important information he was providing because very few were knowledgable in reference to the delegate process, Robert's Rules, etc. back then. Some here on the DP began criticizing him and became quite condescending toward him which I did not quite understand at the time. It seemed like after that point his posts here on DP became few and far between. I would for those who are interested in the delegate process, Robert's Rules, etc. listen to him. It is now 2012 and he has 4 additional years of experiencee. It is nice to hear that you are still in the picture Steve. Thankyou for your contibution and welcome back (if in fact you ever took a hiatus). ThankYou.

Negativity does not help the movement, agreed?

To be negative against others in the movement is positive in what fashion? Wish we could channel that for the people like those who are involved in the establishment machine who wish nothing less than to have things remain the way they are now.

Best wishes to everyone, but please try to remain positive. Thank you!

Bump for Importance



I never doubted his return...

... after he swore he wouldn't countless times. Let's hope he's changed. For the delegates trying to train for the conventions, I would suggest watching all the saved videos that have been streamed from the conventions. Good luck to all. Mr. Nystrom is a bigger man than I.

Dr. Steve Parent? Where has

Dr. Steve Parent? Where has he been?

Liberty bump

Knowledge is power! It is our "civic duty to protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic." Individuals make this happen, and together we can put Ron Paul in the White House in 2013.

This forum has become divisive and has been overrun by trolls

Beware.. This forum has become divisive and has been overrun by trolls that are actively trying to undermine our campaign by taking the conversations off on wild tangents to scare listeners away. The things they discuss over there for hours on end have ZERO to do with Ron Paul, his positions or winning a campaign.

They are there at least the last two days to give us a bad name.

I hope this changes but it seems that their mods like what is happening over there and they are encouraging the trolls to babble on for hours.



just let them play quietly. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

I agree

Who knows? Maybe, anything is possible, something they read may spark a light. Maybe, just maybe, they might do a little research to sooth their blinding thought. And maybe... BAM! Their paradigm begins to shift!

It could happen!

I agree. Trolls like

I agree. Trolls like AnAppealToHeavenWash have been overrunning these forums with the purpose of dividing us.

We must not allow them to accomplish their goals. Stand strong with Ron Paul!


it on up to the top....

Can't Wait...

Great Post!

Paco "Occupy the Media"

Great Idea!! Bump

Great Idea!!

Umm, seriously!?

HOW LONG CAN ONE SPEAK SOLELY ABOUT DELEGATES!? This is an open forum and people there speak about a multitude of concepts ranging from anarchy to constitutionalism and Ron Paul. It is enlightening and eye opening--- It is open for everyone who has something to add, and anyone who has something bad to say about intellectual discussion about government, and humanity in general, is sort of acting as the antithesis of liberty, no? That is what we are all about. Stop bad mouthing something you know nothing about, and people, you should get your butts over there and see for yourselves. This was put together for and by the grassroots and is a WONDERFUL tool for us to use to band together...

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, open forum to talk about government, human nature, or whatever floats your boat--also intermingled with tutorials from a true parliamentarian and someone who knows their shit about the delegate process..

Don't knock it till you have tried it for yourself---