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Romney Refuses To Debate Ron Paul...Now Thats A Candidate You Can Really Get Behind, Eh? Somone Who Refuses To Debate The Issues

Oh brother, this Romney guy is a character. A stereotypical status quo politician & he is desperate...he knows he cannot show himself in a debate with Ron Paul-Because he would simply get the tar kicked out of him. I dont think there is any way to make Romney look good in the debates anymore, he is just so fake it cannot be hidden. What is life like as a shallow phony politician without principles..without a plan to cut spending & reign in government power? Dont ask Dr. Paul, he hasn't got the experience in the shallow, fake department. But you can ask him about his real plan to cut 1 trillion dollars in the first year of his term & reign in government power...he does know a lot about solutions to problems. Romney's "solutions" are identical to the current problems..lol

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How can Romney refuse

How can Romney refuse something that has not be offered?

Ron Paul has not offered up a chance to debate him. He has not indicated at ALL that he wants to debate. He agreed months ago on a debate schedule and does not want to seem like a desperate flip flopper to try to have anotehr debate now.

Would you morons PLEASE let Ron Paul run his campaign? He knowsw far more than all of you put together. He knows that trying to get a debate hurts HIM more than ?Romney. And that Romney saying no would not hurt Romney AT ALL.

He declined the Texas debate when Frothy and Newt were in.

Everyone said yep except Mittens. Then Frothy dropped out and the debate between Paul and Newt was still on. Then Newt dropped out and there was no debate because Coward can't even talk on any news shows either. When he talks on Fox friendly shows, he still screws up badly and gets mad and throws a temper tantrum if they ask him a question he doesn't like.
His daddy screwed up his presidential candidacy when he said something about the Vietnam War and it angered all the chickenhawks and he was toast. Mitty shakes in his magical skivvies every time he has to speak to a news person because he is paranoid he will do the same.


you are so obvious 35 min member!
a debate is called for and will be demanded by the party!


I really wanna see these two

I really wanna see these two debate. I'm not sure if the MSM would like that though.

Next MSM interview....

Paul should challenge Mittens to a debate.

Did Romney actually refuse publically?

Did I miss an article / interview / statement of refusal?

Where did you learn this?

Just curious. I'd like to read more.


No...he didn't. Ron Paul has

No...he didn't. Ron Paul has not indicated any desire to have one either.

Sorry, but spreading complete

Sorry, but spreading complete bullshit does not help Ron Paul.

Texas wanted a 4 way debate OVER A MONTH AGO. The second Santorum dropped out, Texas no longer watned a debate.

That is simply a fact. You may not LIKE that fact, but you have o accept it or else you are not accepting reality.

All Dr. Paul would require and which would produce

the same results is a life sized cardboard cut out Tricky Mitt which would flip over periodically.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Ah, No! SO if they nominate him by stealing,

deleting, or disregarding the delegates, they should prepare to be in for a long legal fight and a potential Ron Paul win,at both the convention and the election.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

How many of those stupid debates

did we witness where the media cut Ron Paul out and the other candidates sounded like idiots. We already know rombama can't debate the issues, he has NO CLUE.
He does know that he isn't even in the same league as Ron Paul. That's why he refuses.

Romney would rather "Cut and Run"

Than debate Ron Paul, and THAT ladies & gentleman means he is a coward.

Laws of Power 101

Don't get in a war you have nothing to gain from regarding what your odds are of winning(slim). I could give you a whole list of really unlikely things that were/are more likely than this happening. It's 100x more likely Ron wins the Texas straw vote, which is fairly unlikely, than this would ever happen. No one in their right mind in Romney's shoes would ever even consider it.

There's no reason to debate someone who isn't contesting votes.

Why do it?

There's nothing in it for Romney. He doesn't have to. He has ZERO opposition that a debate might influence.

The fight is no longer on that level.

Thus, there is no point to debate further.

If Ron wanted a debate, he shouldn't have announced he wasn't contesting any more primaries.

I don't think Ron wanted to debate honestly. He rarely did well in them. It wasn't about who was on stage. They just aren't his bag so to speak.

The first three words of your last

sentence says it all.
You don't have a clue what this is about. Go back and do some more studying and pay attention this time!!!!

The only clueless person is

The only clueless person is you.
Get this through your skull into your braqin if you have one...RON AUL HAS NOT REQUESTED A DEBATE! He has given NO indication that he would accept one either.

And he certainly is NOT going to challenge Romney to one. Because he is smart. You are stupid. And because he is not stupid as you are (did I mention how stupid you are?) he knows that it would be a No Win situation for him. It would not haqppen. It would ot hurt Romney at ALL to refuse a debate that would ot take place until after he wins both Texas and California/New Jersey, and it would hurt Ron Paul to flip flop on his earlier agreement on the debate schedule.

It is amazing that so many people with high school educations that that they know more about how to run a campaign than Ron Paul.

He said so himself.

I've done plenty of studying.

I've paid plenty of attention. Since you apparently missed Ron saying he didn't care for the debates, then perhaps you should heed your own advice.

Please specify what "this" refers to when you say "a clue what 'this' is about."

If you are speaking of the topic at hand - obviously, I do have a clue. It's about Romney not debating Paul. I explained very clearly why it is pointless to. You may not like the reality that answer entails, but it is reality none the less.

Paul is not contesting the primaries any further. The debates are for primary voters. Core supporters who are going to conventions and caucuses already ARE the choir. No need to debate for them. Thus, there is no need for Romney to debate Paul. Romney only stands to lose.

Now, would I LIKE to see another debate with just the two of them. Yes of course.

But that isn't what this topic is about. Get a clue yourself.


So Ron Paul didn't win this poll according to Faux News' viewers?

Or this one?

How about this one?

This one?

Shall I go on...? Maybe you need to study more and listen to Faux News and CNN less.

Did you even read what I wrote?

Of course Ron Paul will "win" any debate with Romney. Please show me where I suggested otherwise.

I said it makes sense Romney will not debate Paul, because it is not in ROMNEY's interest to do so. You may not like the reality of not seeing a debate between the two, I'd like to see one myself. But it doesn't surprise me that Romney won't do it.

He doesn't stand to gain anything by it. (Romney that is)

He only stands to lose to Paul.

He doesn't stand to gain, because Paul is NOT CONTESTING THE PRIMARIES. The debates are for the "masses" who vote in primaries. They do not serve to sway caucus and convention goers. Those people already made up their minds long ago.

So from ROMNEY's perspective, there is no POINT to debating Paul. Paul isn't contesting votes that would be influenced by the debate.

Now, on to the immediate comment of Ron not caring to participate in debates...

Ron has said so before. He has shown little interest in them. But he did them anyway, because it was at least a few seconds he had to get his point across to the American people.

If he really wanted one more debate, he should have never announced he wasn't contesting primaries anymore. That's what I said. Instead, you go babbling off in left field about something I never said. (and I agree with you anyway, Paul would win any such debate)

And for the record, I don't own a TV. I haven't owned one in over 5 years. I thus do not watch CNN or Faux News. The only times I have ever seen even clips from those networks are HERE on the Daily Paul.

Be careful making assumptions about people.

Ummm....moron? You DO know

Ummm....moron? You DO know that Ron Paul has not REQUESTED a debate, right? Because he knows it would make him look bad (and like a flip flopper since he agreed to the debate schedule long ago) and that there is ZERO reason for Romney..who will reach 1144 delegates in 8 days, to have a debate now.

Again..it doesn't hurt Romney at all..which is why Ron Paul...who is a billion times smarter than you even LIE about being (not an exaggeration either) doesn't pursue it. Because he knows there is ZERO gain in challenging him to a debate.

May 31

Be here to explain where rMoney came up with 1144 delegates.

Should be amusing.

Be careful counting delegates for Romney that haven't hatched


They may turn out not to be for Romney after all.

Great point!

I happen to know for a fact that MANY of "Romney's" delegates in Florida are Ron Paul supporters.

Yea, that's why

Romney's campaign never responded when the Texas GOP invited him to a debate before the upcoming primary, right? RP's reply: I'm there! Romney's reply...still waiting...

Umm. Uhumn.

Moron. Romney/Obama is scared of this and so are you under the bridge creepy trolls. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibJfK1XfY8w

In 8 Days

will be the 28th Of May..... Knuck Knuck Knuck...


I got some money on this 8 day bet you got..... You in?

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Perhap's it's time to label RMoney a Coward

I have seen ZERO evidence this man has courage.

Prove me wrong. Show me one single example of Mitt Romney displaying courage in his entire life. One single example.

If running as a Republican in a Democrat State even comes up, I'll puke all over you. I will drive far to do this.

That was not courage, that is called 'bought and sold'.

I dare you all, show me one single clear and irrefutable example of Romney acting courageous in any setting.

Just one!

On that note, this challenge applies to Obama as well.

Same deal, show me one single example.

Just one!

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Nice post

Some of my favs, originals

Mint RMoney
Flip flopney
Mitt Ponzi
Omit Romney
Mitt Con-Me