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The Huge Advantage the Liberty Movement has on the Establishment People Don't Realize

There is a huge advantage that we(the Liberty Movement) have on the establishment, powers that be, bankers, or whatever you want to call our opposition. I'm not sure everyone is taking into consideration with their actions. Normal rules of engagement in politics, advertising, informal conversation, and countless other things don't apply the same to us all. The main reason is we represent truth, our arguments made often forget to mention the fact that we have science backing our philosophy. Free Market Economic principles also apply to everything else we support. The more government intervention causing lack of competition in any field (medical industrial complex) drives prices up. Use RP's cell phone comparison. There is clearly no correlation between money spent on public education and student performance, print a graph. No one cares about you arguing freedom of choice of your body about drugs, but they do care that drug usage(and crime, emphasis on violent) goes way down in countries that have decriminalized. Show people this isn't an opinion, it's not about fighting the NWO, not about worshipping Ron Paul, it's simply about what is true.

There are countless books on obtaining and maintaining power, my favorite are; The Art of War, Prince, and the 48 Laws of Power. These rules of power that politicians have to follow, Ron Paul and our movement doesn't.

1. Mitt Romney wouldn't debate Ron Paul 1 on 1 ever because he has everything to lose and nothing to gain. If roles were reversed Ron Paul would be able to expose the truth in a very public forum. What is to lose from going out and telling the truth, absolutely nothing. He won't lose supporters.

2. Ron Paul never mentions Romney for a reason, he doesn't need to. He just needs to get the truth out, it's like a virus and we are reaching critical mass. He may have enemies, but he doesn't have to fight them, the truth does.

3. He can't lose anytime he is able to garner attention because he tells the truth, even an appearance on Hannity or O'Reilly wouldn't be harmful. It might not win over any supporters but it won't lose any.
4. His record is clean as can be and his voting record gives him even more legitimacy

5. All of Ron's positions are based on hard research and are the side facts, numbers, and evidence support.

6. The philosophy of Freedom is like handing out cash in the street absolutely free - people have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Some might not take the money, but they are no worse off than they were initially. The ones that do take the money have no downside. Those who have figured out that Ron Paul is the real deal and right about everything can't be swayed are accepting the free truth/money.

We don't need to follow normal rules for politics, be it mouth to mouth or by TV commercial, because you can't argue with facts. Boom! As we occupy countries, we become more hated, and show them the facts. Forget being better than Obombey, forget about Goldman Sachs running our government(unless you have a fact sheet), and forget about using the constitution as the heart of your argument. For us there is only good exposure as long as we present the facts. That's why I joined up as soon as I saw Ron Paul in the first debate in 07. I went home and researched his positions and why and realized how right they all were.

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Side-by-Side Comparison

I've created a side-by-side comparison of the candidates, here:


It also points out that Ron Paul is still in the race.

More on how to share this info in California, here:

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

your line of argument

is essentially utilitarian as opposed to idealist.

this can be good for people who think in those terms and for conversions.
it is limited by the --- if there are counter examples.

for purists -- (like me) even if these pragmatic positions were not so it wouldn't change me---
it may be more difficult to sell your way though it may be worth a look.




Good post

great points.

re point 2:I don't think we should bother attacking Romney either. Let the dems attack him for making money while we get on with spreading the liberty message.

I remember the media were all trying to make out Paul had cut a deal. Some of us suspected it too but looking back attacking romney rather than focusing on his own message would've been the wrong thing to do. It also reinforces that it's Paul against the establishment both left and right not just romney. It's makes their fight seem like the old politics of bluster and pretending they are different when they are really both the same and so Paul stands out as being removed from that and about something real and important.

Vive la difference! Vive Le Paul!

Isn't is great how Paul isn't in this attack video?

Ron Paul=The End of

Ron Paul=The End of Relativism=Truth=Goodness=Beauty



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