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Romney Agrees to Debate Ron Paul on Foreign Policy and Federal Reserve

That would be some headline, wouldn't it?

It would be the hottest ticket in America.

They could do a pay per view fundraiser and make millions for the party.

Remember how we all dreamed about a one on one debate of Romney vs. Paul? We'd finally have the chance for the ideas of liberty to be exposed to the masses.

Well, we got it down to Paul and Romney. The opportunity is there. Ron Paul has just won a few states so he now has some legitimate standing. Romney still hasn't amassed the critical number of needed delegates. Texas and California are still to be decided.

If now is not the perfect opportunity to push hard for a one on one debate, then when is?

If the goal is to influence the citizens and expose them to the ideas of liberty, what could be better than a one on one debate?

What are the downsides to Ron Paul for pushing for a debate? If Romney refuses, Ron Paul could do his own debate against an empty podium with Romney's name on it.

Just ask the American people a question, if Romney is afraid to debate Ron Paul, how is he going to be able to debate Obama? If Ron Paul's "libertarian" ideas don't belong in the Republican party, then Romney should have no problem with destroying Ron Paul and his philosophy in front of America once and for all.

If Ron Paul makes a Romney debate a big deal, he will easily win over many more supporters. Many doubters perceive Ron Paul as weak. This is where he can stand up and show strength. Show that he is willing to fight to the end because he actually believes in the cause of liberty. The truth is worth fighting for to the end.

I'll pledge to donate $200 if Ron Paul makes debating Romney a big issue. I bet there are 100,000 other Ron Paul supporters who would do the same pledge. It could generate a $20 million money bomb. If Ron Paul wants to inspire a movement, this is the opportunity. Then when we finalize winning all of the delegates, Ron Paul will be seen as a legitimate contender.

With no disrespect, I challenge Ron Paul to push for a Romney debate. Do that and he will make the doubters
into believers again. All it takes is a few words but only Ron Paul can decide if he really wants to push the envelope for liberty.

If Ron Paul is reading this, I beg you from the bottom of my heart to do this. It will be the tipping point of the Liberty movement. If not now, when? If not, Why not?

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I fully support this idea...

and it is long overdue.

A showdown, if you will.

It will be good practice for RP..... For when he debates Obama.

Freedom is the answer !!
What's the question ?
-Jack Blood-